United airlines announces suspension of Boeing 737 Max aircraft until March next year

United Airlines said Friday that it will extend the suspension of the Boeing 737 MAX to March 4, 2020, delaying the resumption of boeing 737 Max until early March next year, as other U.S. airlines have done. The model is still awaiting re-entry approval by the end of the year.

In early March next year, nearly a year after the Boeing 737 MAX was grounded by regulators. The aircraft has been banned from flying since March 2019 after two serious air crashes.

Boeing said Monday that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) may approve the 737 MAX software repair in December and a new pilot training program in January, but the FAA said it had not set a timetable for the work to be completed.

Major airlines say they need to complete training and install the repaired software at least a month after they are approved before they can resume flights.

United announces suspension of Boeing 737 Max aircraft until March next year

United has previously suspended its Boeing 737 Max aircraft until at least early January. Depending on the time when the 737 MAX aircraft received FAA safety approval, the new re-flight schedule is still likely to change, which will result in more than 8,500 flights being cancelled from November to early March.

Two other U.S. airlines operating the 737 MAX, American Airlines Group Inc and Southwest Airlines Co, announced last week that they would cancel Boeing’s 737. Max flights are extended until March 4 and March 5, 2020.

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