Apple’s Three Former employees start Nuvia: To Challenge Intel/AMD in Server

Three of the top talents who used to make apple’s iPhone chips have teamed up to create a start-up with the goal of creating processor products for data centers that they want to gainĀ  market share from powerful Intel and AMD. The company, called Nuvia, was founded earlier this year and has three co-founders: Gerard Williams III, Manu Gulati and John Bruno.

Apple's Three Chip Bull Stakes: To Challenge Intel/AMD in Server

The company’s first product code name, Phoenix, is reported to be. On Friday, Nuvia announced a $53 million merger with several Silicon Valley technology companies, including Dell.

In terms of seniority, Williams left Apple this spring as chief architect for nine years, overseeing the development of almost all of Apple’s chips. Gulati spent eight years at Apple, developing mobile SoCs, and Bruno, who spent five years at Apple, was a system platform architect. Before nuvia was founded, Gulati and Bruno were google’s employee.

Apple's Three Chip Bull Stakes: To Challenge Intel/AMD in Server

In the interview, Williams said they will do everything in their power to bring semiconductor experience to new products to create safer and more efficient processor products for data centers.

With the endorsement of Dell, Intel’s super-big customer, some analysts are optimisicĀ  about Nuvia’s ability to stir up the storm.

Of course, in the data center space, Qualcomm, Marvell, Ampere, etc. are all challenging Intel and AMD.

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