Dell announces tested Windows 10 2004 device upgrade compatibility list

The German website Deskmodder has just shared Dell’s Windows 10 2020 Update Compatibility Device List. It’s clear that most of the next-generation Dell computers have been certified by manufacturers, covering a number of product lines, including Inspiron, XPS, Optiplex, Alienware, and Latitude. If you’re not sure if your device is in the column, click Jump on the web page to see the full Windows 10 2004 compatibility list.

Dell announces tested Windows 10 2004 device upgrade compatibility list

Windows 10 2004 update will be pushed in stages (from:Dell)

“If you don’t have a device in your list, the company won’t test it and there won’t be a driver update for that model,” Dell warns.

In addition, the version of the Windows 10 operating system (and companion drivers) that came with the device will continue to be used, so no additional testing is required.

To continue upgrading or updating untested systems, consult at Microsoft’s Windows Help site.

As part of Windows 10, Microsoft may provide generic drivers for specific hardware, but some features may be missing.

Below is Dell’s list of Windows 10 2004 device (product line) compatibility, the exact model please move to the official website (portal):

Alienware Desktops

Alienware Laptop

Inspiron Desktops

Inspiron Laptop

XPS Desktops

XPS Laptops

Vostro Desktop

Vostro laptop

Optiplex microtowers and small machines

Precision Workstation

Precision Mobile Workstation

Embedded Box Embedded PC

Currently, the Windows 10 2004 update is only available for some devices running Windows 10 1903/1909, and interested users can manually check in Windows Update.

If no updates are shown, it may be that Microsoft officials have identified some potential compatibility issues and temporarily blocked updates for this part of the device, so please be patient and wait for subsequent fixes.