Tesla, which has a market value, has contracted the intracranial climax of U.S. and A-shares

The global automotive market has been in a state of flux since the 2020 outbreak. Production of key models such as model 3 and ModelY is back on track as Musk moves to finalize a deal with local governments to return to work after The Company’s California plant was shut down in March. Even so, the new York panel factory’s production license appears to be locked in lengthy negotiations and disputes with unions after an employee’s confirmation.

In contrast, it is the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission to help the domestic Model 3 upstream and downstream eight suppliers to resume production. It is the so-called one side of heaven, one side of hell. A series of shutdowns and resumptions of work seem to have made Musk, the “foreign son-in-law”, realize that China across the ocean may be the ultimate magic weapon for mass production and sales of electric cars.

Tesla, which has a market value, has contracted the intracranial climax of U.S. and A-shares

Photo Musk was photographed by reporters as a “country entrepreneur” when Tesla’s Shanghai plant opened in 2019

Miracles always come so suddenly.

June 10, 2020 ET, is a day to be remembered by Musk and Mr. Toyoda, whose market capitalisation has exceeded yesterday’s $181B for the world’s no.1 Toyota Motor Co. ($181B) in the past few hours of trading. The so-called “historic” here is because TSLA has only been around for 17 years, and Toyota, the older brother who made the engines of the aviation during World War II, has reached the age of 87.

Tesla, which has a market value, has contracted the intracranial climax of U.S. and A-shares

Photo Mr Toyoda (first from left) was driving the company’s new supra to test on the track

The contrast, like the “post-wave” of the current interpretation, is full of Musk is only 49 years old, belonging to the entrepreneur’s definition of “young.”

However, the average person’s understanding of stock prices is the actual reflection of the company’s performance, that is, the ability to make money. So how has Tesla sold in the past?


According to EV Sales, Tesla sold 14,793 vehicles worldwide in April, compared with 60,131 in March, a decrease of more than 75% month-on-month.

According to the data, in May, domestic Model 3 sold 11,095 vehicles, an increase of 205% month-on-month, accounting for 15.8% of the overall domestic sales of new energy in May.

At the same time, Musk is not content with such achievements that he said in a 2020Q1 call that the Shanghai plant will continue to increase capacity to 200,000 vehicles per year.

A research organization believes that the cost of the domestic standard battery version of model 3 is up to 190,000 yuan, if Tesla introduced in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology new car declaration of the lithium phosphate battery version of the domestic Model 3, this number will continue to explore, and then hit the independent new energy brand’s original is not strong nerves.


Is such a good level of sales and profitability proportional to TSLA’s performance? Not necessarily. The recent rapid growth of U.S. technology stocks is completely at odds with the pace of value investment.

The reason is that the Fed has adopted interest rates that are much lower than inflation, even printing $2.2 trillion directly into treasury bills, in order to increase market liquidity.

Then, guided by “fake non-farmers” on June 5, the S.P. 500 futures index surged to 3,200, wiping out all of this year’s losses. The impact of “fake non-farm” is highly sustainable, with the Nasdaq index closing above 10,000 on June 10, up a staggering 40 percent from its March low.

With businesses shut down and unemployment running high, who is counting on future earnings and struggling to make ends meet? According to a May 2 poll, the number of Americans receiving unemployment benefits reached 22.83 million.

Tesla, which has a market value, has contracted the intracranial climax of U.S. and A-shares

Figure: How will asset prices evolve under the Fed’s dove position? 》

What do you do when you lose your job and get your money? Buy stock. Another statistic, pointing to the gradual release of benefits from U.S. states in March, the purchase of Delta, American Airlines, such as the performance of the affected stocks of retail sales surge, this increase reached a climax on June 3. (Recall the calm look when the old man yelled that aviation stocks were warming up and would never sell, it was really old-fashioned.

Tesla, as a popular asset target, has become a U.S. retail investor “Little Maotai.” If the original group of dole-receiving friends had “copyed” Tesla in mid-March, it would have been 170 per cent of the floating income held by yesterday.


Musk, however, is less interested in the stock price. In addition to launching manned rockets, the new model Y also appears to be gearing up for mass production in Shanghai.

Not long ago, it was reported that the Fremont plant was producing modelY at the expense of shutting down and retrofitting a Model 3 production line.

Tesla, which has a market value, has contracted the intracranial climax of U.S. and A-shares

Photo The Tesla Fremont Plant

Drone aerial images show that part of the main building of the second phase of the Tesla Plant in Shanghai has been completed and the entire project is about to enter the full capping phase, which is the main production line of Model Y. If not unexpectedly, the second phase of the plant will be able to achieve the volume in the first quarter of next year.

Influenced by The U.S. stock TSLA, today’s A-share Tesla concept collective red, Q1 deducted non-net profit decreased 674% of the car air conditioning supplier Ortega rose more than 9%, Q1 loss of 14 million Changal shares rose 9.9%.

It is called that domestic investors are easily confused by the financial statements of a public company, but at the baptism of the epidemic, we may be rushing to rob the shares of companies that have been charged for the next six months or even a year’s earnings.

Of course, this is not uncommon in financial markets. So, while Tesla cars are selling well, the stock price may still be a glass-and-sperage in a watery environment, and readers are cautiously investing.


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