John Legere won’t be The Next CEO of WeWork

Foreign media reported that we have no intention of accepting it, despite rumors this week that WeWork is trying to get current T-Mobile CEO John Legere to be its CEO. It is understood that Legere has no plans to leave T-Mobile as the T-Mobile and Sprint mergers near completion.

John Legere won't be The Next CEO of WeWork

While both the Justice Department and the FCC have given the green light to the merger, it still faces one final challenge: Attorneys general in many states are trying to block the deal through litigation.

For now, T-Mobile is already the third-largest u.S. carrier, but it will become even stronger when it brings Sprint’s customers to its ranks.

Earlier this month, T-Mobile said it would launch its first projects, including a free 5G service for first responders and project 1000, if the deal with Sprint is successful. Million — Aims to give 10 million households without internet access to free Internet. Both initiatives appear to be a charitable act, of course, to rally support for the merger.

If Legere joins WeWork, it’s sure to cause some criticism. SoftBank currently controls WeWork, which is also a major shareholder in Sprint — at least until T-Mobile completes its acquisition of the company. Recently, Marcelo Claure was elected Executive Chairman of WeWork.

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