News that the shrunken Galaxy S20 is coming soon: three models or SnapDragon 865 processor

Typically, Samsung does not launch a shrunken Lite derivative version for its flagship model. But with the Galaxy S10 Lite, launched late last year, Samsung wants more customers to experience some flagship features at a lower price. After this year’s S20 series was released, many wondered whether Samsung would continue with its sales strategy.

News that the shrunken Galaxy S20 is coming soon: three models or SnapSnapdragon 865 processor

Citingmedia SamMobile, the Galaxy S20 does offer a shrinking derivative, but it may not be called “Galaxy S20 Lite” after it goes on sale, but rather the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition.

Information available so far shows that the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition will have three models. The SM-G780, which is available in the global market, will include 4G/5G versions, while the SM-G781, which is available in the U.S. market, will only have 5G versions.

The specific specifications of the machine are still unclear, but preliminary sources say the built-in storage will start at 128GB and feature an Android 10-based OneUI 2.5 system.

Samsung fans will surely be hoping that the new Galaxy S20 variant will learn from the Galaxy S10 Lite in terms of processors. Samsung’s galaxy S10 Lite, which Samsung ships worldwide, is powered by the SnapDragon 855, a processor available only in the Galaxy S10 series in some markets. If it sticks to it, we can expect the shrinking Galaxy S20 to adopt SnapSnapdragon 865.