Linux Foundation works with AWS and others to create open source data models

The Linux Foundation’s Joint Development Foundation (JDF) has partnered with AWS, Genesys, and Salesforce to create an open source data model that standardizes data interoperability across cloud applications and is named the Cloud Information Model , CIM).

According to the Foundation, “Many companies use a variety of cloud and on-premises applications to accelerate digital transformation and personalize services to customers across every channel.” Each of these has its own data model, which forces developers to build, test, and manage custom code that is necessary to map and transform data across different systems. But instead of speeding up digital conversion, the process slows down innovation and leads to poor integration. ”

Linux Foundation works with AWS and others to create open source data models

Therefore, CIM is designed to meet the challenges of cloud computing and creating data models. The new open source data model will reduce the complexity of integrating data across cloud applications by providing data interoperability guidelines for point-of-sale systems, digital marketing platforms, contact centers, or CRM centers.

Instead of creating custom code, developers can create data lakes, generate analytics, train machine learning models, and build a single view of customers, the foundation says.

“The introduction of the cloud information model will provide a neutral place for the open source community,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation. “This allows anyone in the community to collaborate and contribute under the central governance model. It paves the way for full community engagement in data interoperability and standard development, while rapidly increasing community adoption. ”

Current CIM-compatible applications include AWS Lake Formation, which helps customers move, store, classify, and clean data from different sources to build a data lake, and Salesforce’s Customer 360, which provides immediate access to customer data across Salesforce apps and Genesys Cloud and Genesys AI.


The Linux Foundation and AWS announce new open data model

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