Super Toyota chasing Apple Tesla, why is the world’s largest car market?

Witness history, and it’s a time to witness a miracle: Tesla, the world’s largest car company by market capitalisation, was born. On the evening of June 10th, Tesla’s share price officially exceeded $1,000, surpassing Toyota’s market capitalisation to become the world’s largest car company. New energy vehicle companies have replaced the traditional car companies” market value first status.

That means the global car landscape is being rewritten, with Tesla, which has only been in existence, surpassing Toyota’s market capitalisation in just 17 years, equivalent to seven Fords and 4.6 GEs. The wave of electrification and intelligence that Tesla is leading is coming, and this is going to be a historic moment for the auto industry.

Why is Tesla the world’s most valuable car company?

Super Toyota, Tesla can tell a story with market value.

Industry insiders lament that the world’s most lucrative car companies are overtaken by the market capitalisation of the most-deprived car companies.


Super Toyota chasing Apple Tesla, why is the world's largest car market?

Direct push: Musk announces mass production of the electric truck Semi.

According to an internal Tesla memo on June 10, Musk said it was time to mass produce the electric truck Semi. Musk later confirmed the memo on Twitter.

Musk said in an email that Tesla is ramping up production of cars after a brief shutdown of the plant caused by the outbreak. Now it’s time to start mass-producing Semi semi-trailer electric trucks. Production of batteries and powertrains will take place at the Giga Nevada plant in Nevada, while most of the rest of the work is likely to take place in other states.

Super Toyota chasing Apple Tesla, why is the world's largest car market?

Musk, however, did not give a specific date for Semi’s mass production.

While Musk did not give a time for semi-production, the concept model, which has been launched since late 2017, has been “dragging” on production time and has been overwhelmed by the appetite for “powder” and the expectations of the public.

So what really is the real reason Tesla is the world’s largest car company?

1. The carnival of the stock market election year

Chen Chaozhu, vice president of technology, said that every election year, the ruling party to create a thriving scene, easy re-election, all the chaos in the United States this year, including the surge in the number of outbreaks, and election-year politics, the two-party game.

2, Musk and Jobs equivalent personal charm

Super Toyota chasing Apple Tesla, why is the world's largest car market?

“Iron Man” and “Joe’s” have a large number of fans around the world, “God” as the presence of characters, high IQ, strong product acumen and long-term vision.

On the afternoon of May 30, Musk again ushered in the era of commercial space, when two NASA astronauts flew out into space aboard his SpaceX DM-2 Dragon spacecraft and successfully docked with the International Space Station 19 hours after launch.

Super Toyota chasing Apple Tesla, why is the world's largest car market?

The man took part in the battle between the great powers on his own and won one.

Although Musk’s personality is very different from Mr. Jobs’s, Tesla boss Musk has undoubtedly succeeded in shaping The Iron Man in Silicon Valley and is widely regarded as Silicon Valley’s greatest entrepreneur after Mr. Jobs. Just as Jobs’s story is a lesson Apple has given the world, Musk’s story adds to the Tesla brand.

They are all adorable and frightening. In the view of their employees, when completing a project and doing well, all you get is a sentence: Yes. If you mess up one thing, let’s get away with the roll-up. Even so, the world’s smart people are willing to work for them.

3, excellent sales

Tesla became the first electric car company in the world to sell millions of dollars.

By mid-April, Tesla had sold more than a million electric cars, making it the first electric car company in the world to sell more than a million. The Model 3 delivered a total of 525,000 vehicles worldwide, while the Model S and Model X combined for 464,000 units and the first-generation Roadster sports car delivered about 2,450 units.

Tesla is also in the spotlight in China.

Tesla is definitely the biggest winner in terms of sales alone. In May, Tesla’s domestic Model 3 sold 11,095 vehicles, up 205 percent month-on-month, breaking through 10,000 units a month, ranking first in the new energy market and widening the gap with second place.

This is not the first time it has sold more than 10 million cars a month, with the domestic Model 3 selling 10,160 units in March.

Tesla finally lifted the price butcher knife and played a role.

On May 1, Tesla China announced that the pre-subsidy price of the Model 3 Standard Launch Upgrade was reduced by nearly 10% from 323,800 yuan to 2918 million yuan, and that the Model 3 Standard Life Will be reduced to 271.55 million yuan, which in part contributed to Tesla’s sales recovery.

What’s more, for now, Tesla’s orders in the Chinese market are relatively stable, and the product level of domestic Tesla is also in an orderly production, convergence of the state. Tesla’s strong product power has won higher recognition from Chinese consumers.

Where is Tesla’s threat to traditional car companies?

In addition to the above-mentioned direct and indirect drivers, Tesla’s market capitalization growth depends on the continuation of the technological advantage.

In short, the technological advantage is the hard core.

Tesla wants to be the next apple, as many of the “special powder” would like to be the world’s most valuable car maker.

While Tesla can’t match the supermarket’s trillion-dollar Apple, they are very similar in industrial layout, market positioning and brand building.

That’s where Tesla’s impact on the traditional auto industry comes at.

Like Apple’s smartphone hit Nokia, Tesla is not blinding in the fuel-car sector that traditional car companies excel at, and its strategy is to change the dimension of competition, open up areas of its own expertise, and to be unmatched by no rival.

For Tesla, intelligence and electricity are their base.

Fully independent independent research and development: FSD self-driving chip, smarter algorithms, and self-driving systems.

Super Toyota chasing Apple Tesla, why is the world's largest car market?

In fact, with these three, but also to make self-driving more functional, stronger reasons.

Musk once said, “I don’t think any company can build a comprehensive self-driving solution before Tesla.” Unless they do a good job of keeping secrets, they’ll have to come up with amazing results. I don’t think that’s a big possibility, for Tesla, no car company is our competitor.”

Tesla’s self-driving lead is not easy to catch up with. It belongs to the Matthew effect, the better the sales, the more data accumulates, the more perfect the self-driving feature sits, and the better it is.

In addition to the self-driving layer, Tesla and the traditional manufacturers of the gap, the farther and farther. In the field of electric vehicles, Tesla is even more subversion of tradition, completely redesigned.

Tesla is completely redesigned for electric cars, not fuel-fired vehicle improvements. This is the difference in corporate culture, smart cars are a new species, the traditional car companies really do not have this gene.

In fact, Tesla did not have the three-electric technology at first, but in the end it became its best area, mainly because it and GM, Panasonic and other cooperation process, never forgot to independent research and development, and finally mastered the three-electric technology leadership.

Super Toyota chasing Apple Tesla, why is the world's largest car market?

Especially for electronic control and battery technology, Tesla’s key advantages are stability and cost. Tesla’s battery cost per kw is much lower than that of other car companies.

A traditional car company insider told Xinzhi driving that the explosive development of new energy vehicles has generated a large amount of demand for batteries, but the domestic battery supply is in short supply, sometimes sometimes in line. Mastering the self-developed three-electric technology, although time-consuming and laborious for the main plant, may be the key to build core competitiveness.

By the same token, the power of intelligence and electrification also allows the vehicle’s full-vehicle OTA upgrade technology to be realized. This is still not possible with most car brands.

That’s why people prefer to think of Tesla’s car as a technology product, far from a vehicle for human entertainment.

The courage of traditional car companies: old trees sprouting

In the face of a raging Tesla, it’s time for traditional car companies to show some courage and courage.

The transformation of traditional car companies, slogans have been shouted for many years, but there are few successful cases. Now it is time for modern technology PK traditional manufacturing industry: “hug” has become their norm.

Fast-change, and the public is holding on to ford.

On June 10, Volkswagen and Ford motor co-published a statement in which the two companies formally signed a strategic alliance agreement. Through this agreement, the two sides will achieve complementary advantages and synergies in the field of medium-sized pickups, commercial vehicles and electric vehicles.

Super Toyota chasing Apple Tesla, why is the world's largest car market?

Although the structure and culture of traditional car companies differ from that of tech companies such as Tesla, it is difficult for traditional car companies to evolve a new species of smart electric cars, just as traditional handset makers have transformed into smart machine makers with little success.

But in the face of rapid transformation of the era, marriage, hugging, alliance, hand in hand … Each one to make up for each other, old trees sprouting, multi-layout is not impossible to succeed.

Moreover, in terms of profitability, Tesla is not yet a rival to traditional toyotas such as Toyota, although market capitalisation suggests that Tesla is the most representative of the trend of electric smart cars. But the century-old shop hugged the spark of the collision, but also colorful, fire splashed.