Most epidemiologists think it’s a year to wear a mask.

Some states have reopened in the past few days as cases of the new coronavirus have been on the decline in many areas,media reported. While not everything is completely back to normal, many non-essential businesses such as barbershops and casual restaurants have opened for the first time in months. Of course, not everything is back to where it was.


Most epidemiologists think it's a year to wear a mask.

In response, the New York Times recently surveyed 511 epidemiologists and asked how long it would take them not to wear masks in public. Notably, 52 percent of respondents said people would wear a mask for at least another 12 months. In addition, 21 percent said people should wear it until next spring, while 11 percent said they should wear it until next winter.

The comprehensive survey, which can be described as quite exhaustive, covers a wide range of topics, including how long respondents plan to wait for everyday activities such as getting a haircut or attending a wedding. For example, 42 percent of respondents said they would wait three to 12 months to go to the gym, and 56 percent said they would wait three to 12 months for a restaurant.

Most of the epidemiologists surveyed indicated that they would not engage in hazardous activities for at least one year, including:

Attending a wedding or funeral

Embrace or shake hands to greet friends

Dating someone you don’t know.

Attending church or other religious services

Don’t get used to wearing a mask

Attend a sporting event, concert, or performance

Interestingly, most epidemiologists agree with the last event — attending a sporting event or concert — and 64 percent say they won’t do it for at least a year.