Hackers crack Tesla vehicles: Change the software Model 3 to give 50 more horsepower

Tesla, one of the first car companies to apply OTAs (Air Upgrade), will bring new features to the vehicle by pushing system updates, like software manufacturers. Things such as increasing vehicle life, power, new engine functions, etc. are all out of the question. However, these pushes are not free, and some are even expensive. Take the recently launched paid upgrade package as an example, the Model 3 long-range four-wheel drive version, 100 km acceleration performance from 4.6 seconds to 4.1 seconds, the price is as high as 141,000 yuan.

Hackers crack Tesla vehicles: Change the software Model 3 to give 50 more horsepower

Some might wonder if you can crack the car software and avoid Tesla’s fee limits.

In fact, not only did someone think so, but they even set up a company to offer owners a cheaper upgrade than Tesla officials.

According tomedia reports, in the canadian city of Sanhe, Quebec, Simon Andr? electric vehicle distribution, Guillaume Andr? successfully through software upgrades to add an electric motor, the Model 3 rear drive version into a dual motor four-wheel drive version.

Andre first cracked the software for the Model 3 drive system inverter, which was previously configured for a single motor setup and now supplies power to two motors.

In addition, Andre found software that could change the drive system inverter, not only to upgrade one to two motors, but also to unlock the Model 3 dual motor version of the $2,000 Acceleration Boost service, with an additional 50Ps of power.

In fact, the Tesla Model 3 vehicles, dual motor versions and performance versions of vehicles, are just as hardware configured as the former, which is not equipped with a sport kit and performance mode is locked by the software.

Now, Andre has set up Ingenext, a new company, to get a $2,000 payment to Tesla to unlock the feature for just $1,100. It was able to speed up to 3.8 seconds, faster than the official level.

However, it’s worth noting that while andre’s crack upgrade service is much cheaper than Tesla’s official website, owners take the risk that they may not get Tesla’s push updates in the future, or official warranty. The risks require the owner to assess it self and choose how to upgrade.