“Zhi Ying” New Infrastructure Era Dell Debuts in China with New Commercial Client Products and Solutions

With “new infrastructure” being included in the Government Work Report for the first time, the digital economy will be the most important way to unlock new momentum. In the process of accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises, productivity transformation is an important part. To help businesses and professionals accelerate the transformation of technology into productivity in the “new infrastructure” era, and to work safely, efficiently and collaboratively at all times, Dell Technology Group today launched its new commercial client product sandand symand, bringing new products, including the new DellLatitude, Precision and OptplexI three commercial product lines.

Dell unveils new Latitude, Precision, and OptiPlex portfolio to help enterprise challenges with smarter, more powerful productivity tools

Dell Technology Group Global Vice President, General Manager of Greater China Business Client Solutions

“PCs play a central role in refactoring the way they work, and even show us how to further increase productivity. “The way people live and work has changed, and telecommuting, interaction and collaboration are becoming the new normal,” said Dorothea, global vice president of Dell Technologies Group and general manager of Business Client Solutions for Greater China. That’s why we’re committed to combining the latest technology to drive a range of PC innovations: smarter, longer battery life, more powerful speakers, and more compact design. At the same time, we will continue to advance Dell’s Sustainable Development Goals. “

The new generation of Dell’s commercial client products, which combines many innovations and technologies, will become a smarter and more powerful productivity tool for users in today’s “New Infrastructure” era, and will also provide intelligent empowerment for enterprises from office change to digital transformation.

“It’s important to balance PC portability with productivity. Professionals want their devices to have all the features they need to get the job done. Maribel Lopez, founder and chief analyst at Lopez Research, says, “People want larger screens, they want them to take up less space, they need to use stable speakers to maintain call quality, they need to make instant conversions from Wi-Fi to 5G networks, and they need built-in AI (artificial intelligence) features that optimize performance and eliminate background noise, which will ultimately help people work smarter and more efficiently anytime, anywhere.”

Redesign Dell’s new commercial products for a smart office experience based on multiple usage scenarios

The next generation of Dell’s commercial product line is once again fully innovative and upgraded, bringing higher levels of productivity and security to end users. Notably, dell’s new commercial product, Dell’s New Business, combines artificial intelligence technology, Dell Smart Tuning Software Dell Optimizer1, to anticipate user needs and help them do what needs to be done efficiently, faster, and better. With Dell convinced that smart technology will drive customers, Dell Optimizer has now expanded into a full range of new commercial products to help professionals spend their valuable time on the most important tasks and create smarter, more personalized user experiences. At the same time, the new product is Dell’s most sustainable commercial PC portfolio.

New Dell Latitude Series

Dell Latitude is committed to providing a more flexible and secure portfolio of laptops that help professionals work anywhere with fast, easy connections, powerful performance, and smarter systems.

The next-generation Latitude is more powerful and compact and portable, but its compact design still guarantees a powerful power supply that keeps mobile users working anywhere productive and quickly meet the efficient office needs of business people anywhere, anytime.

At the launch, The Latitude 9510, Dell’s first smart 5G notebook, is Dell’s smallest 2, lightest and smartest 15-inch commercial PC. And at the design time from the customer needs, customer experience, and customer use of the scene to do planning. At THIS year’s CES, Dell’s first commercial notebook with AI-powered auto-optimization technology and 5G technology 4 was launched. The new Latitude 9510 will deliver the maximum range of life and extreme performance your users need, anytime, anywhere, to help business people navigate a variety of busy tasks.

Dell’s new ultra-high-end Latitude 9000 series and the redesigned Latitude 7000 Series are equipped with Dell Smart Tuning Software. The body features a new type of all-in-one processed aluminum and superb wire-pulling technology, with a long battery for long standby throughout the day, and the display with a four-sided narrow bezel design and an expanded display area that further enhances the user experience. Businesses and professionals can benefit from the new range of products with better performance, manageability and global connectivity.

New Dell Precision Portfolio

The next generation of Dell Precision provides designers with more stable, fluid and secure end device support

The new Precision product, released, is an innovation that redefines mobile workstations, not only in terms of innovative, compact solutions in morphological design, but also a significant performance improvement. Designed for creatives and professionals who want to get rid of the heavy feel of traditional mobile workstations, the next-generation Precision product will meet the demanding task and high performance requirements of professionals.

Creatives and professionals often have a heavy workload and often have to deal with dense data or graphics. Whether they are designers, engineers, editors, or scientific researchers, they need highly reliable Dell workstations to help them with important tasks so they can continue to stand out from the crowd. The performance of the new Dell Precision mobile workstation has improved dramatically, but its smaller, compact design helps customers get things done anywhere. For example, from the use of dual-row fans to software-based thermal solutions, Dell’s latest thermal innovations combine professional graphics and powerful CPU technology to deliver a high-performance experience for professionals.

New Dell OptiPlex Tower Helps Businesses Accelerate Productivity

The thoughtful design of the new generation of Dell OptiPlex products, while providing efficient and reliable protection for enterprise IT operations management, pays more attention to the experience of individual users, realizes the combination of two needs, and will provide high-reliability productivity support to customers in industries including healthcare and education to meet the needs of modern office space.

New Dell OptiPlex Series

The next generation of Dell OptiPlex desktops continues to uphold its continued advocacy of high quality and reliability, which is the foundation of OptiPlex’s trusted business customers. At the same time, the new OptiPlex portfolio features Dell Smart Tuning Software Dell Optimizer, the first time Dell has applied smart technology to a business desktop to deliver a faster, smoother user experience. In addition to thermal and exterior optimizations, Dell offers a wealth of peripheral accessories to be used with new products to create an immersive office experience that further helps users increase productivity.

The new OptiPlex 7080 tower is designed with high-quality materials and offers a wide range of options for small and mini-machines. The new 27-inch OptiPlex 7780 delivers a strong performance in intelligent collaborative work, with Intel Unite ® ready design that provides seamless collaboration for fast-starting of meetings, and instant wireless sharing of collaboration. At the same time, specially tailored to the Chinese market, the new Chengming series of products, but also further insight into the needs of the industry users. The new Chengming 3990/3991 tower exterior continues the Chinese element of the Bird’s Nest design, reducing the chassis size to 14.7L, making it more stylish, compact and highly scalable than the previous generation.

In addition, dell technology group has released new intelligent solutions for enterprise IT management, including a number of Dell Technology Group Unified Workspaces and Workforce Persona QuickStart. With Dell Technologies Unified Workspace, IT staff has the freedom and flexibility to provide employees with out-of-the-box product experiences, no matter where they work. With Dell’s Workforce Team Role QuickStart service, IT staff can easily determine the best equipment for the deployment for different employee roles and provide the support they need most based on employee needs, how they work, and where they need it most. The client ProSupport Plus service provides a 24X7 hotline and next-business day, and covers retaining hard drives and accidental damage, giving you full support anywhere, anytime.

Smooth, stable and powerful New Dell Commercial New Products To Challenge HardCore Business Capabilities

It is worth mentioning that at the launch site, Dell also set up a number of interesting scenes, with harsh conditions to challenge the new generation of commercial products in a variety of office environment steaming strength, many media, users witnessed the ultimate performance of new products.

Dell’s smart business notebook Latitude 9510 has teamed up with Star Tech electric cars to deliver a fun and exciting 24-hour launch challenge to witness productivity changes. The new OptiPlex 7080 Tower successfully challenged the operation of x-plane analog flight software for 24 hours, keeping the machine running steadily throughout. Finally, the new mobile workstation Precision 5750 vividly demonstrates the important features of the Dell Precision product line of “high value, good screen, and strong performance.”

As the “new infrastructure” accelerates, Dell Technology Group is also helping companies to further increase productivity with more unprecedented innovations. As the most important productivity tool in the digital economy era, Dell’s new, smarter, more efficient, flexible and reliable PC and other commercial end products will help enterprises better and faster to seize the opportunities of the times, and play an important role in the digital transformation of the industry and digital economic development.

Time-to-market and pricing of new products:

· The Dell Latitude 9510, 7410 and 7310 are now available in China for a price on Dell’s official website.

· The Dell Precision 5550 is now available in China for rmb13,499. The Dell Precision 5750 is listed in China and starts at RMB16,399.

· The Dell OptiPlex 5000 and 7000 series are now available for sale on Dell’s official website.

· The Workforce Persona QuickStart service is now available.