Indian Army Report: Suggests senior military officials to disable Facebook and may be used to gather intelligence

In addition to alerting soldiers to traps such as “beauty meters” online, the Indian military last month released a military report based on soldiers’ online habits. Indian media the Print reported on the 13th that reports showed that the Indian military wanted officials in key positions in the army to deactivate their Facebook accounts and not use WhatsApp for any official communications.

WhatsApp is a very fragile platform vulnerable to hackers, the indian army reported. Facebook has now become an important source of information gathered by foreign intelligence agencies.

Indian Army Report: Suggests senior military officials to disable Facebook and may gather intelligence

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The report notes that although WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption, it fails when a user’s phone is compromised.

WhatsApp recently exposed a vulnerability that accused Israeli surveillance company NSO Group of hacking into the phones of about 1,400 users around the world and installing spyware on their phones. The targets included Indian journalists, lawyers, activists, government and military officials.

Facebook has become an important platform for foreign intelligence discovery, the report said. As a result, the Indian military has asked military personnel and their families not to post photos of military uniforms on media platforms such as Facebook, to disclose too much personal information, or to publish location tags that could reveal the location of the military.

The Indian military has found that there have been countless and probably unwanted cases of leaks of information through social platforms. Today, some malicious organizations with advanced tools are monitoring and analyzing data on social media to get their data, and those with critical information are at greater risk.

In addition to instructions on the use of these two social media apps, the report also “explains” the use of smartphones: don’t store official data; avoid email clients; and just use your cell phone to make phone calls and text messages. In particular, the report stresses that Gmail accounts and other apps should not be linked.

Indian Army Report: Suggests senior military officials to disable Facebook and may gather intelligence

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Russia Today (RT) reported on the 15th that the Indian military recently gave the army another warning: to advise soldiers to be wary of online false “spiritual mentors” and “beauty meters” because these are likely to be foreign intelligence agencies to collect information “bait.” So far, the Indian military has identified 150 fake accounts online that try to obtain information about soldiers.

India has been trying to boost its fast-growing IT sector, competing with U.S. technology companies. However, Facebook in the US is still the most popular social media service in India.

Both Facebook and WhatsApp clashed directly with the Indian government in February, RT said. At the time, a parliamentary group in India convened company representatives to criticize the spread of “fake news” and some deadly rumors on these platforms.

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