big American media are starting to use China’s TikTok…

Byte Dance’s short video APP TikTok is popular in “Generation Z” (after 95), which uses the app to record funny videos. One news outlet, by playing TikTok, promoted the brand and told users how news was made.

David Jorgensen, the Washington Post’s video producer, recently spoke with CNN anchor Sturt about the paper’s TikTok account and how he used TikTok to showcase his work as a news editor. “I find a lot of interesting people in our newsroom, even if they look like a bit of nerd, ” he says. So all the videos we post every day try to show their humor. “

Physically honest, big American media are starting to use China's TikTok...

Screenshot of the website version of the TikTok account of The Washington Post

TikTok, a smartphone app that has been on the web for two years. The New York Times, citing data from the app analytics firm Sense Tower, reported that TikTok had downloaded more than 750 million downloads in the past year.

Two months after Jorgensen gave his word to his boss, The Washington Post launched its own TikTok account in May. The goal, Jorgensen said, is to use the TikTok platform to build trust with younger audiences and help them familiarize themselves with the Washington Post’s news room. The profile on the paper’s TikTok account is simple: “We are the newsroom. “

So far, Jorgensen has produced more than 120 videos for the account, amassing 220,000 followers and more than 7.5 million likes. The videos present the daily work of news editors in a humorous way, drawing viewers’ attention to The Washington Post’s editors and reporters. In a video, Stephen Ritchie, the newspaper’s database editor, shows viewers what the Freedom of Information Act is under the Freedom of Information Act, based on a Justin Bieber song.

Jorgensen says each video takes about four hours to make, including half an hour of interaction with fan comments after the video is released. Interacting with fans, he says, is undoubtedly the “most important part” of the process.

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