Google’s Stadia users play Ubisoft’s new “Watanabe” for free

At last year’s E3 show, Ubisoft announced a new open-world game that looks a bit like “Legends of Zelda: The Wilderness.” The game was originally postponed, but yesterday it suddenly appeared in the game library of some Google Stadia users, even to play!

Watanabe reveals trial video:

A development version of Watanabe, which was used to give media reporters a taste at the 2019 E3 Game Show, was leaked on Google’s Stadia yesterday. Marc-Alexis Cote, the game’s producer, announced to the media that the game’s version was developed last year and that many of the game’s style, character settings and many other content have been modified, and that even the game’s name is no longer “Gods and Monsters” and details of the game will be released before the fall. Google’s Stadia has also apologised to Ubisoft for the leak.

Watanabe was originally scheduled to go on sale in February 2020, but Ubisoft later announced that the game was on sale. This time the producers confirmed that the content change may have been formally delayed.