Xbox One 2019 November Update Introduction: Support google smart assistant

At the XO19 launch, we learned about a new work from Rare Studio, as well as a Project xCloud preview, which will be available next year for Windows 10. But in the November 2019 update, Microsoft also brought a bigger surprise to the Xbox One – supporting Google’s Smart Assistant and greatly improving game tagging.

Xbox One 2019 November Update Introduction Support google smart assistant

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Microsoft is committed to bringing as much support to Xbox One users in every region as possible, but initially only in English and currently has no schedule for follow-up.

If you’ve already experienced Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistant on Xbox One, you’ll be able to get started with Google Assistant, such as switching apps, launching games, controlling video playback, and more.

Until then, users will need to pair their Xbox One console with the Google Assistant app on their iOS/Android mobile device.

You can do this by turning on your Xbox power, go to the Google Assistant app, and click on the “plus” to add. Then select Set up devices and search for Xbox.

You’ll request a Microsoft account on your Xbox to sign in, and then just follow the screen prompts to pair the two.

Xbox One 2019 November Update Introduction Support google smart assistant

Second, Microsoft brought improvements to the Gamertag feature announced on E3 2019, including new support for 13 languages and display options.

Along with this feature, there’s a new “Friend Search” feature. As the name suggests, it can help you easily find friends who may be using another language (Gametag).

In addition, Microsoft added text filters to Xbox One. Filters provide four filter options: Friendly, Medium, Mature, and Unfiltered.

If your console is often used by your kids, you can use this setting to avoid unfriendly content. (Settings -gt; General – – Home and Online Security – – Privacy and Online Security – Message Security).

Xbox One 2019 November Update Introduction Support google smart assistant

Finally, this update brings improvements such as hidden chat, viewing subscription renewal reminders on Mixer, simplified settings menus, and easier integration.

Microsoft has also expanded the Voice-to-Text (TTS) feature on Xbox One to support more languages including English (US and Canada), English (India), English (UK), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), French (Canada), French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese , Japanese, and Chinese Simplified.

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