Apple or first introduce ARM processor for 12-inch MacBook

@choco_bit, a well-known source, said on Twitter today that Apple could soon launch a product line of Macs that use ARM processors. In addition, he discussed with netizens some of the details of the new machine, including how the application, Boot Camp, and other features will be affected. Reports say Apple has been steadily advancing the ARM Mac for years, and the revelations date back to the T1 coprocessor embedded in the MacBook Pro model in 2016 (which will continue to be upgraded to T2).

Apple or first introduce ARM processor for 12-inch MacBook

(Picture via MacRumors)

The T-Series coprocessor chips are Apple’s own design based on the ARM architecture, which is primarily responsible for important security and controller management functions. As the MacBook transitions to ARM processors, it’s also supposed to play a key role.

In addition, Apple is working to achieve unity between iOS and macOS through the Mac Catalyst project. Even if it doesn’t eventually merge, Apple will allow developers to implement generic applications that run on all platforms.

Fudge outlines how Apple will use T1, T2 chips and software to unify its computing devices, but the most interesting part is how the company plans to act next.

Apple or first introduce ARM processor for 12-inch MacBook

Citing supply chain sources, Fudge said Apple may want to restart its discontinued 12-inch MacBook product line and revive its keyboard while introducing ARM chips, amid rumors that Apple is still working to perfect the less durable product that users are spitting on.

There are also signs that Apple is developing an Arm processor based on the A14x. With 8 to 12 cores, it’s designed for Mac computing devices. If the explosion is anything to go by, the new ARM MacBook is either lightweight and portable and powerful.

It’s about the same shape as the eliminated 12-inch MacBook, but Fudge isn’t sure if Apple will make changes to its design. There are also rumors that Apple may provide some form of cellular network ingres (such as 5G).

Apple or first introduce ARM processor for 12-inch MacBook

Bloomberg says Apple is developing at least three Mac-based Mac S14 chips for the upcoming iPhone 12 series, but rumors suggest the company’s ultimate goal is to use ARM-based custom chips throughout the Mac family.

At least one of the three processors is much faster than the A-Series chips used in the iPhone/iPad, while the first Mac processors have eight high-performance and four power-saving cores in their 12 cores, and Apple is developing an A15 chip based on the future 3nm process (or for the second-generation ARM Mac).

Given that Intel’s chip upgrade release cycle has been severely delayed and disrupted in recent years, it is clear that Apple can catch up with the internal schedule by using its own chip, even over some technologies and enhancements.

Finally, Apple may announce more details at the WWDC 2020 developer conference online on June 22.