Conspiracy theories say Marvel’s “New Crown Virus” billboard predicted a pandemic, which was actually a spaghetti ad.

According tomedia BGR, the new crown virus conspiracy theory theory is a terrible side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the stupidmost conspiracy theories focus on an iconic Marvel movie. The theory is that Captain America: The Avengers is said to have predicted the new crown virus pandemic and used a scene from the film to support it. Conspiracy theorists use screenshots of the film to spread false information.

Near the right shoulder of the U.S. team, there is a billboard for a popular beer brand. In fact, some people thought corona beer had something to do with the new crown virus at the beginning of the year. The new crown virus is named because its protein shell is like the same crown. “Corona” comes from Latin, which means the crown.

In the image above, conspiracy theorists find a graphic on another billboard near the Team’s left shoulder that looks like a new crown virus. Conspiracy theorists say “Captain America: Avengers” predicted a new crown virus pandemic. Marvel does have all sorts of clever Easter eggs in the movie, and it may take years to really appreciate them. Yet the “Captain America: Avengers” movie doesn’t foreshadow the current health crisis. Film critic William Mullally tried to tap into the material to attack the conspiracy theory.

McUCosmic reported that he found out the scene was filmed in New York on April 23, 2011. He then used Street View maps from Time on YouTube and Times Square to track down the “New Crown Virus” billboards. It turned out that it was actually an advertisement for a spaghetti brand.