Google Files is testing PIN-protected “safe folder” features

Google’s Files, one of the best file management software, could soon add a new feature that almost every smartphone user would like — an encrypted folder protected by a PIN to store sensitive data, according tomedia. XDA-Developer enabled this unreleased feature in the APK file through google’s latest version (v1.0.315).

The new safe folder options are located in the Collections tab of the Browse page. Once clicked on the user, he will be asked to set a four-digit password that he will never forget, and then he can move the media to that secure folder.

In addition, all files in this secure folder are hidden in other apps installed on your smartphone. But one thing to remember is that if you forget the PIN of the secure folder, there is no way to recover these encrypted files. Even deleting and installing files through the Google app again cannot read or recover content previously stored in a secure folder.