Apple sued for allowing developers to offer booty boxes in App Store

On Friday, local time, Apple faced a class-action lawsuit against the booty box in its games and apps, a typical in-app buying mechanism that offers buyers a random number reward,media reported. Apple encouraged gambling and addiction by allowing developers to sell apps and games in booty boxes on the App Store, according to a complaint filed in the Northern California Court.

Apple sued for allowing developers to offer booty boxes in App Store

“Unlike Joe Camel’s advertising campaign, Apple relies on creating addictions among children to generate huge profits for the company,” the lawsuit reads. Over the past four years, the defendant’s App Store games have generated billions of dollars in revenue, although the vast majority of them are free to download. “

The booty box is widely defined as in-app purchases and gives users rewards, clothing, skin, weapons, or other special items. Trophy boxes are particularly popular in games, offering random access to high-end items, a mechanism closely related to gambling.

Apple has been the subject of complaints because it profits from in-app purchases.

The named plaintiff, Rebecca Taylor, called her son “C.T.” At least $25 was spent on gift cards on iTunes, and supercell’s Brawl Stars bootbox was purchased with parents’ money.

Also mentioned in the complaint are Mario Kart Tour, FIFA Soccer and Roblox, which, along with Brawl Stars, are the most popular games on iOS.

Apple was also reprimanded for not explicitly including a booty box in the App Store’s description and allowed developers to age their own products.

All in all, the plaintiffs concluded that the booty box constituted gambling and therefore violated California law.