Refuse to tamper with data but fired, U.S. scientists go online with new platform to fight the truth and lie

A scientist named Rebecca Jones has been fired from local governments for refusing to alter data on the new outbreak of pneumonia, NBC affiliate 12 News reported on June 11. But in the aftermath, Jones created a website called the Florida New Crown Community Action Network and called on locals to post the outbreak data directly to the site to ensure that the information is accurate and transparent. “The site reflects the latest in the outbreak, and the data that was previously withheld by the Florida government, or imposed on the public,” Jones said, according to the report.

Rebecca Jones, a data scientist, was fired from the Florida Department of Health in May for refusing to review and alter data on the new outbreak in the country in support of the government’s reboot.

Refuse to tamper with data but fired, U.S. scientists go online with new platform to fight the truth and lie△《12新闻》称,被解雇数据科学家创立新数据平台

People can search the site for the latest outbreak data, search for detection sites, time and related community activities. The website is designed to provide people with effective and convenient information on this large-scale public health event. What’s more, jones’s data posted on the site is different from what the State department currently publishes, further revealing the state’s problems with the objective truth of the outbreak data, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Release more serious statistics than the government publishes

According to the Palm Beach Post, Jones said she posted more information about the outbreak on the Florida New Crown Community Action Network than the state’s announcement, such as the site’s count of more confirmed cases of local new crown pneumonia than the official version; as of Thursday local time, Florida Health Department data showed 69,069 confirmed cases in the state, while Jones’ website reported 75,897 confirmed cases. 12 News said this was because Jones also included people who tested positive for antibodies. Jones says the statistical method helps to observe and monitor the spread of the virus.

Refuse to tamper with data but fired, U.S. scientists go online with new platform to fight the truth and lie

The Palm Beach Post says fired scientist Rebecca Jones has created a new crown virus data platform to compete with state data

In addition, the death toll on thursday was 2,938, compared with 2,848 for state governmentofficial figures. Jones counted the deathtolls, including non-Florida residents tested, according to 12 News. However, in calculating confirmed cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, the state government excludes non-Florida residents from statistics based on legal addresses, thereby reducing the number of diagnoses and deaths.

The Palm Beach Post also noted that Jones’s data showed that fewer people actually tested for nucleic acids than state officials showed. While the state health department says more than 1.3 million people have been tested for nucleic acids, Jones said the number of people who actually have been tested for nucleic acids is nearly 30 percent less than the official website shows, with just over 1 million people.

Political factors behind data changes, statistical methods to speed up state-to-state re-entry

The Palm Beach Post says the state’s data algorithm may be designed to mask the still-severe outbreak and to try to help Governor Ron DeSantis advance his economic reboot by reducing the potential risk of a new crown virus. According to the report, Governor DeSantis has said that any county that wants to resume work, its nucleic acid test ingres must be less than 10 percent.

Jones noted that the state health department replaced the “total number of tests” with “total tests” to reduce the proportion of regional positive results in order to reduce the probability of testing positive. For example, Jones’s statistical method shows that the probability of a positive new crown virus in Palm Beach, Florida, is 12 percent, not enough to resume work;

According to the Palm Beach Post, Jones said the state’s move to cover up the real data was intended to accommodate Gov. D’Santis’ desire to speed up the economic restart. She was also fired because she refused to “count” the outbreak data using the state government’s algorithm, indirectly hampering The State’s re-entry program. On May 29, Florida health officials tried to make the state’s outbreak data “private,” and the state’s data site was suspended for a day, the report said.

However, even after being fired, Jones still regretted his decision. “I decided to do something constructive and use my skills to do something really useful,” she said. People have the right to put politics aside and to understand and understand things intuitively and objectively.” Governor DeSantis said Jones was fired because she “didn’t obey orders from superiors.” However, 12 News quoted Jones as saying in an interview with CNN: “In a health crisis, if refusing to mislead the public is a ‘disobedience’, then I will willingly and proudly accept the term.”

Refuse to tamper with data but fired, U.S. scientists go online with new platform to fight the truth and lie

Rebecca Jones opens new data platform for innovative crown, says GISuser

The new website contains more practical information, pays attention to efficiency while also emphasizing human nature

According to the Palm Beach Post, most of the data Jones posted on the Florida New Crown Community Action Network is based on undiscovered public data hidden in thousands of pages of reports or scattered PDFs. It also includes information on hospital capacity that is more difficult to obtain from the Health Care Administration. In addition, the site includes details of each confirmed patient, including the age of the case, the date of the test and the date of diagnosis.

Jones noted that the state’s official website does not allow her to provide too much information about the deaths, while Jones’s website adds data on patient admissions and deaths. She believes the move will put “humanity first” and make people aware of the current state of the virus and the harm done to the victims and their families.

Jones’s website also cites data from health care regulators, including the hospital’s intensive care unit, the report said. The data further illustrates the strain on medical resources caused by the new coronavirus. In addition, Jones provided a map of nucleic acid detection points not included in government releases, including phone numbers, addresses, and reservations for each inspection point, to better serve the public.

Jones created the site to show the public open and transparent information, according to GISuser. “I set up this site because I had a lot of things that I wanted to make public on the state government’s website, but I was always told I couldn’t do that,” she said. People can’t just stay in the fear of the new coronavirus, people should know about virus detection. “