IGN: Pressure returns to Microsoft after Sony unveils PS5

After the Sony PS5 launch, IGN sent a review of the analysis, saying that after Sony released details such as the shape of the PS5 and the lineup of games, players will have to see how Microsoft responds. Here is the full text of the article:

IGN: Pressure returns to Microsoft after Sony unveils PS5

Sony officially unveiled the PS5 and a batch of PS5 games in the early hours of yesterday morning. It can be said that players have been waiting for this day for a long time, because Microsoft has earlier released the Xbox Series X shape and related information, so Sony has been under huge expectations, eyes and pressure. After all, Sony’s next-generation PS4 is selling twice as much as the Xbox One, and if you’re not careful, it’s going to do twice as much damage. But at a critical time, Sony didn’t drop the chain, and the PS5’s launch was more focused and topical than it had previously been on the Xbox Series X. So now the question is thrown to Microsoft’s team, “The whole thing?”

The first idea is to gain an advantage in price. There is now a general consensus that the Xbox Series X’s performance is slightly ahead of the PS5, its lead can be directly reflected in the chip calculation, while Sony emphasizes their advantage in SSD, which is now not a quantitative comparison. So the cost of the two sub-generation hosts may be the same, the market price is likely to become the key to the decisive. Earlier, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said their pricing strategy remained flexible. Both Microsoft’s CFO Amy Hood and CEO Satya Nadela have made it clear that Microsoft will win over players by setting lower prices at no cost, regardless of the price of the Sony PS5. So, it sounds like a bloody price war, and the rich Microsoft can easily do it “at no cost”. Now that Sony has released a digital version of the PS5 without an optical drive, it’s likely that Microsoft’s Xbox Series X will sell for the PS5 digital version. Of course, Microsoft may also launch its own digital version or low-version version, this also need to wait for official information.

In addition, Microsoft’s advantages include the Xbox Game Pass (XGP). XGP’s reputation is so great at the moment that it’s likely that all subscribers will start with the Xbox Series X sooner or later. So Microsoft should take advantage of this time to continue to cage the hearts of XGP users, such as in July at the first party game show activities to the “Halo: Infinity” preemptive test qualification binding to XGP users, or to buy Xbox Series X console users with a month of XGP trial, so that players only buy consoles, do not buy games can also move home to play for a month. In fact, Xbox One consoles are currently implementing this strategy, so the Xbox Series X will follow suit.

Of course, XGP is just a form of service, there is no patent for invention, as long as Sony wants to, at any time can imitate the launch of their own PS game pass, but at present they do not seem to have this action. The reason is very simple, XGP is too much preferential players, disguised to reduce game sales, this is Microsoft in a backward position is forced to think out of the way, Sony’s PS4 user base is huge, in the traditional way to sell the game profit is greater, naturally unwilling to take the initiative to change.

But Microsoft has long been on the move, and now its first-party studio development front has 15 studios, far beyond Sony’s first-party studios. Next just talk with the quality of the game, you can get back all the short boards that once were. Slightly unfortunate, “Halo: Sergeant’s Long Collection” of the first quality is not very strong, and “Halo 5” of the plot of the battle is also a bit lack of soul. So then Microsoft has to show some sincerity and show up at the first party show event in July.

Halo: Infinity must show first-class standards. “Sena: Blade of Hell 2” is Ninja Theory’s Unreal 5 Engine 3A masterpiece, but also needs to overcome the ills of the previous work, play to the advantages, and most importantly to display real-machine game video. Another of Microsoft’s long-lost brands, “Ghostbusters”, is currently being re-developed by The Second Team at Playground Studios, and if combined with their ability to create an open world, the work could be a surprise.

Finally, The Most High-profile Obsidian Studios on Xbox First Front is also developing at least one major project, as well as Rare Studios’ Everwild, which may not be fully unveiled, but there is nothing left to keep in this critical period. The efforts of the Xbox team over the past six years have been effective in recent months, and if it is to regain the trust and enthusiasm of its players, then Microsoft must show its sincerity and fresh and exciting content.

Of course, the next generation of host competition has not yet officially started, the victory or loss is more difficult to predict. Even if Microsoft hands up its full-time answers at the July show, Sony still has a chance to rely on its user base and dominance. But at least we can rest assured that Microsoft won’t make the 2013 Xbox One another mistake, and they’ve realized that consoles will always have to be game-centric. Then let everyone see your game, Microsoft.