Apple AirPods explosion man from Zhengzhou ‘s right ear bleeding, was blown unconscious

News of the phone explosion is not rare, but  headset explosion is rarely heard, but it looks like Apple’s AirPods caught up. A recent hit video shows 23-year-old Mr Tang. in Zhengzhou wearing an Apple AirPod making a phone call on the evening of May 19 when his right earphone exploded and he was blown unconscious. After 10 minutes, Mr Tang. was awake, feeling a particular pain in his right half of his face and ears, and there was obvious swelling.

According to the diagnostic certificate issued by the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, the explosion caused the man’s “right ear canal front wall skin fracture” and recommended hospitalization for surgery.

Apple AirPods explosion Zhengzhou boy's right ear bleeding was blown unconscious

Video address: Point here.

The boy had anti-inflammatory drug treatment 2 days later, the condition improved, but the right ear still suffer from pain, hearing loss symptoms continued, again, the diagnosis found: the right ear before the swelling is obvious, the right ear canal ear cavity “T” type of small crack, the right ear canal has fresh blood seepage, the right ear canal before the cartilage has a fission, about 1cm, the drum chamber seems to have blood accumulation.

From the photos of the exploding headphones, there was a noticeable crack in the headset, but there were no signs of burning blackened.

Apple AirPods explosion Zhengzhou boy's right ear bleeding was blown unconscious

According to reports, the man claimed to have paid 1,276 yuan from an Apple dealership store in a Mall. Apple staff said they would collect the device for further investigation and, if there were quality problems with the product, the store would be required by law to compensate consumers.

AirPods have become one of Apple’s best-selling products since the first generation was launched in 2016, with third-party data showing the company sold more than 60 million AirPods in 2019, taking more than 50 percent of the global real wireless headset market.