New Corona Virus Detected on Cutting Board Expert: Salmon Is Unlikely the Host

Beijing recently reported new  corona confirmed cases, they all have a new origin market contact history. According to reports, the relevant departments  detected the new corona virus on the surface of the cutting board used to cut imported salmon. Affected by this, there are supermarkets in Beijing  took salmon off shelves

New Crown Virus Detected on Board Expert: Salmon Unlikely Is Host

A Beijing supermarket official said that the salmon on sale are imported from abroad, learned that the virus detected on cutting board cutting imported salmon , the supermarket took the initiative to remove all the salmon in the store.

Experts say bacteria can reproduce in nature, but viruses must have living cells to reproduce. Moreover, the new coronavirus mainly acts on the upper and lower respiratory tracts, and its pathological effects are mainly concentrated in the lungs. But with the exception of lung fish, fish do not have lungs, so the chances of salmon as host are not too great.

Experts pointed out that the detection of the new corona virus from the cutting board, in addition to salmon itself infected, but also may be due to liquid, air, hand contact and other ways attached to the surface, through cold chain transport extended the survival period, and ultimately left on the case board.