Hyundai Mobis: new car reversing tech

Recently, Hyundai Mobis, a South Korean component supplier, announced that it has developed a new rear automatic emergency braking system (rear-autonomous ex-ex-ex-braking, R-AEB). Vehicles equipped with this technology will replace the traditional reversing kit, a combination of camera and ultrasonic sensor configurations, with ultra-short range radar (USRR).

The technology detects the rear moving hazard source earlier and faster, and enables automatic emergency braking to avoid hazards after the driver does not respond accordingly.

The automotive front-facing automatic emergency braking system (AEB) has gradually transitioned from a high-fit model to a mandatory configuration for all cars. It can help the driver to the last crisis, automatic emergency intelligence, to avoid traffic accidents and greater loss of human and property.

But the automatic emergency braking at the rear is equally important as the front-facing automatic stop. Although the speed is slow during the reversing process, the driver’s line of sight is more limited and there is a greater visual blind spot. At the same time, the spirit of high concentration of attention to the vehicle is the road conditions are, it is difficult to mainly to the side of the vehicle road conditions changes, but also more prone to side-bump and other accidents.

The modern Mobis developed a rear automatic emergency braking system, mounted in the rear bumper of the vehicle, the sensing range can cover the rear 130 degrees, the reaction distance can reach up to 5 meters, far more than the traditional sonic radar 3 meters of induction distance. In addition, the system can sense stationary obstacles and pedestrians or objects travelling at speeds of 10-30 km/h.

When the obstacle is 1.2 meters from the rear bumper of the vehicle, the car begins to warn that if the driver still does not brake within 0.1 to 0.2 seconds, the car will automatically brake. In addition, the price of the system is also very advantageous. It is reported that Mobis is in consultation with South Korean car companies to promote the system as soon as possible to south Korea’s newly listed models.

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