The Microsoft Certified Partner, for $174.99, has released a Pre-order page for Windows 11

Microsoft has previously announced that Windows 10 will be the last Windows system under the Windows a service development strategy. Naturally many designers have also brought a variety of subsequent versions of the concept design, but when Microsoft Certified Partners put out a pre-order page for Windows 11 on their website , which is now off the shelves, retailing for $174.99, what would you think?

You might think it’s a scam, after all, Microsoft officials have never had anything to say about Windows 11. But on SoftwareKeep, there is an opportunity to order a new operating system.

SoftwareKeep is (at least officially advertised) “your trusted Microsoft Certified Partner” that provides “the most comprehensive and modern operating system” and even provides descriptions and product highlights for Windows 11.

Click to go to the pre-order page (again, the screenshot below) and show more information about the operating system than just a box photo.

The Microsoft Certified Partner, for $174.99, has released a Pre-order page for Windows 11


Windows 11 is the latest generation of the legendary Windows. This update takes your system navigation to the next level with new designs, new features, and better optimization. Today, by purchasing Windows 11 from us, you get the most understandable, smooth and modern operating system on your computer.

Microsoft Windows 11 Home introduces a streamlined interface, attractive look and a host of “universal apps”; These apps are designed to run in multiple Microsoft product lines and have the same code that is closely related — including tablets, PCs, smartphones, Xbox One, embedded systems, Surface Hub, and Mixed Reality. It’s just that this operating system can serve users in the fastest, most accessible way.

The Microsoft Certified Partner, for $174.99, has released a Pre-order page for Windows 11


Start menu:

Quickaccess to commonly used programs and documents. The menu is fully customizable. You can resize it to manage the layout of interactive live tiles.

Hybrid PC support:

When the device is transferred to another operating mode, Windows 11 automatically detects and optimizes the display independently to operate in the appropriate mode.

New graphic theme:

After fluent Design, which aims to make Windows smoother and animated, Microsoft has introduced a new clear graphics theme, Windows Light (see screenshot below).

Device Guard:

Device Guard provides protection against new unknown versions of malware and increasing complex threats.

Cortana Returns

The voice assistant is stripped from the operating system’s start menu and search engine and is now integrated directly into the Windows taskbar. “This will enable each experience to benefit from independent innovation to better serve the audience and their use cases.” Microsoft thinks.

Improved e-mail clients

Quickly connect and share files with the most important people and groups. Simplify your life with tools that help you control your email and schedule.

The Microsoft Certified Partner, for $174.99, has released a Pre-order page for Windows 11

Windows 11 installation requirements


Minimum: 32-bit processor at 1.0GHz

Recommended: 64-bit processor at 2.0GHz, at least dual core


Lowest: 2GB

Recommended: 4GB


Lowest: Graphics compatible with DirectX 9

Recommended: Graphics compatible with DirectX 11/12

Hard disk

Lowest: 20GB

Recommended: 100GB