Study finds that drinking coffee may reduce multiple cancer risk

As we all know, coffee can lift the mind, by many white-collar favorite, is also known as “the workplace life-saving water.” Now, for those who like coffee, there’s good news that coffee may help reduce the risk of multiple cancers. Drinking coffee can reduce the risk of liver, endometrial, oral, throat and skin cancer, according to new guidelines released by the American Cancer Society,media reported. The advice also suggests that drinking coffee may help reduce the risk of some digestive cancers.

Study finds that drinking coffee may reduce multiple cancer risk

Dr Cheryl Rock, one of the authors of the study, said: “Whether coffee consumption reduces or increases the risk of various cancers has been a hot topic of study, but we have found that drinking coffee reduces the risk of liver cancer and endometrial cancer.” “

In addition, there is evidence that coffee reduces the risk of oral cancer, throat cancer and subcellular epithelioma in both men and women, and may reduce the risk of malignant melanoma in women.

The protective mechanism for coffee is unclear, but roasted coffee contains hundreds of bioactive compounds, including caffeine, flavonoids, lignin and other polyphenols, the researchers said.

These and other coffee compounds have been shown to increase energy consumption, inhibit cell damage, regulate genes involved in DNA repair, have anti-inflammatory properties, and/or inhibit metastasis. Coffee also affects the timing of the intestinal transport of carcinogens and liver metabolism, so these factors may also reduce the risk of certain digestive tract cancers

However, the researchers also warned that coffee should be consumed at the right temperature, as previous studies have shown that drinking hot drinks above 65C, such as tea and coffee, increases the risk of esophageal cancer.