Sony Aibo Robot Dog Gets ‘Fantasy’ Feature in New Major Update

Sony has announced a major software update for aibo robotic dogs sold in the U.S. and Japan. Version 2.50 software is for the ERS1000 aibo model, with “fantasy” features, including the ability to train dogs to “learn” to use potties and feed them virtual cookies and other interesting things.

Sony Aibo Robot Dog Gets 'Fantasy' Feature in New Major Update

Similarly, The Robot Has a new Web-based API and provides visual programming for beginners. The new Visual Programming feature adds a more advanced Developer Program for developers. With Visual Programming, beginners don’t need to know the programming language. This work is done graphically by block diagram. This is similar to the programming tools that many schools use for teaching.

All AIBO owners can use Visual Programming from a PC. The robot puppy can be programmed to perform certain actions, such as walking or shaking the head, and perform more advanced actions, such as changing its behavior when they see something or person. Sony offers sample projects to help new users figure out how to program their partners.

In addition, the smartphone app allows users to virtually feed aibo using the relevant smartphone app. Users can tell aibo to wait for a meal or “enjoy” what they love at any time. Sony says users can check aibo. The smartphone app to view the free “meal starter pack”.

With the “reward coin”, the “food” feature is free to use, which Sony says can be used to get meals called “aibocrisps.” These bonus coins are earned by logging into the app at specific times and special events, although users who are not resentful of micro-trading can also choose to buy.

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