NVIDIA Ampere Flagship RTX 3090 Power 350W? It’s actually lower than Turing.

Despite NVIDIA’s scrutiny, the recent period of time ampere game graphics card theft is still quite serious, and the credibility is relatively high, the first is mainly high-end graphics card, using GA102 core, at least RTX 3090, RTX 3080 ti graphics card, RTX 3090 will replace the previous Titan graphics card position.

In terms of specifications, the three cards are based on the Amey architecture of the GA102 core, with the memory is a new generation of GDDR6X, respectively, with 384-bit 24GB, 352-bit 11GB, 320-bit 10GB, the entire card power consumption is 350W, 320W. 320W, the output interface has three DisplayPort, one HDMI, RTX 3090 also supports NVLink.

NVIDIA Ampere Flagship RTX 3090 Power 350W? It's actually lower than Turing.

In addition, the RTX 30 series of public version of the Founders Edition graphics card will be greatly modified, will use a positive reverse dual fan, thermal capacity greatly improved, which also makes the radiator cost up to 150 dollars, about 1000 yuan, very expensive.

NVIDIA in the Ampere game card is the reason for the major changes to the radiator, guess is related to power consumption, the next generation of graphics card performance increased by 50%, power consumption is also rising, RTX 3090 graphics card is known to be 350W, much higher than the current 250W.

But is that really the case? The igorslab website says ampere’s high-end graphics card power consumption may be a misunderstanding, this 350W is TGP power consumption, not TDP power consumption, TGP power consumption is the entire PCB component power consumption is included.

NVIDIA Ampere Flagship RTX 3090 Power 350W? It's actually lower than Turing.

Igorslab for this calculation of 350W power consumption is which composition, of which 24GB GDDR6X memory needs to consume 60W power consumption, for GPU power supply MOSFET and other power components to consume about 26W power consumption, plus other power consumption, fan and PCB losses, calculated the GPU power constraints of 230W.

The 230W GPU power consumption is not high, don’t forget that the RTX 2080 Ti’s TDP power consumption is only 250W, so that the Amper GPU flagship power consumption is actually low, and then the performance increased by 50%, energy efficiency increase discentd at least 50%.

NVIDIA Ampere Flagship RTX 3090 Power 350W? It's actually lower than Turing.