Limiting Huawei will hurt the economic recovery! CBI, the UK’s largest business organisation, stands up for Huawei

The controversy over Huawei’s role in the UK’s 5G network continues to grow, and Huawei’s supporters are also well-known. The head of Britain’s biggest business organisation has also stepped up his case, warning that moves to limit the Chinese company’s participation could “damage” the economic recovery, according to a newmedia report.

Limiting Huawei will hurt the economic recovery! CBI, the UK's largest business organisation, stands up for Huawei

Carolyn Fairbairn, director-general of the Confederation of British Industry(CBI), said the country’s future economic recovery had been labelled “digital first”, with many workers working from home and businesses looking for innovative ways to adapt and increase productivity.

Boris Johnson, Britain’s prime minister, is under intense pressure to reduce Huawei’s use of 5G networks, and anti-China sentiment in the Conservative Party is escalating since the outbreak.

Huawei is supplying equipment for building 5G networks in the UK, but it was revealed last month that Mr Johnson had drawn up plans to end Huawei’s involvement altogether by 2023.

“Huawei has been an important driver of 5G applications and this will be an important part of our economic recovery,” Mr Fairbairn said. “

“It will be part of Johnson’s commitment to raise the national level. Be very careful when making decisions that do harm our resilience. “Digital transformation will be at the heart of the UK’s economic recovery, and you have every reason to want to move forward at full speed. We need to make sure that the decisions we make are right for the country, not forced to make binary choices that are harmful to us. “

Huawei recently launched a wave of publicity campaigns in the UK, including full-page advertisements in newspapers highlighting its contribution and commitment to the UK over the past two decades.

Zhang Jiangang, Huawei’s vice-president, said the UK’s economic growth would suffer billions of pounds if its equipment were removed from the UK’s 5G and fixed fibre networks as it tries to recover from the “challenge of Brexit and the new crown.”