$250,000 space trip Virgin Galactic launches training program for first visitors

On November 16th, According to foreign media reports, Virgin Galactic this week launched the Astronaut Readiness Program and partnered with Under Armour, the US sports brand. Anderma is a partner in Virgin Galactic’s official astronaut uniforms, which will be worn by the first paid space travelers during space travel.

$250,000 space trip Virgin Galactic launches training program for first visitors

All passengers must receive pre-training in the Astronaut Readiness Program before boarding Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity suborbital space shuttle. In the process, Virgin Galactic team members will provide guidance.

Virgin Galactic chief astronaut trainer Beth Moses and chief pilot Dave McKay Mackay.) took part in Virgin Galactic’s space demonstration flight in February, so they can not only guide their expertise, but also share their experience staking on the Actual Virgin Galactic spacecraft.

Anderma was also involved in the project, and not limited to providing the clothes that passengers would wear. They are providing guidance on how astronauts should prepare for nutrition and fitness programs, and to help space travelers prepare for their adventures. Virgin Galactic’s in-house medical team also advises each passenger on site. While Virgin’s customers don’t need to meet NASA astronauts’ strict fitness requirements, the company says it remains focused on making sure customers are healthy on the trip.

Being an early customer of Virgin Galactic means not only training, but also helping new companies develop and refine processes for future use. “We will now use feedback to model, and there has been a lot of discussion, including how to better develop training programs for those who are waiting to fly and those who have already flown,” the company said in a statement. “

So far, Virgin Galactic has registered 600 customers to fly on its SpaceShipTwo spacecraft, launched from a custom cargo plane to suborbital space and offered customers a 90-minute space flight experience for $250,000 each. Virgin Galactic hopes to launch its first space flights to paying customers in the first half of next year.

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