Xiaopeng Zhaoqing Factory to obtain a permit , P7 will be self-produced

Following the May 19 thinly-established production qualification of Xiaopeng Automobile’s self-built factory, on June 9th, Zhaoqing Xiaopeng Automotive Intelligent Network Technology Industry Park (hereinafter referred to as Zhaoqing Factory) made its first public appearance. Xiaopeng Zhaoqing Factory is located in Zhaoqing High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the master plan of 3000 mu, completed the foundation ceremony in December 2017, on June 27, 2018 full-scale construction, completed by the end of September 2019 and trial production.

Xiaopeng Zhaoqing Factory to obtain a permit P7 will be self-produced

Factory with a total of stamping, coating, welding, assembly, pack five workshops, with different platforms 4 models flexible production capacity, a total of 264 intelligent industrial robots set up.

Industry 4.0 Digital Smart Factory

At the beginning of the Zhaoqing plant, Xiaopeng’s official more calibre was defined as a digital intelligent factory, designed and built in accordance with the requirements of Industry 4.0, using MES manufacturing execution system, combined with IoT technology and monitoring technology throughout the production process. Realize the visualization of production information, equipment information visualization, process information visualization, quality information visualization. Based on the digital system, the five major process workshops have a clear division of labor for production.

In terms of staffing, Zhaoqing factory currently has more than 600 employees, 78% from the mainstream host plant, 74% more than 5 years of work experience, of which more than 97% of engineers for undergraduate and above education. At the same time, Xiaopeng Automobile’s entire research and development team also reached more than 1500 people.

Xiaopeng Zhaoqing Factory to obtain a permit P7 will be self-produced

Zhaoqing factory in order to improve production capacity to the best of its ability, almost in almost every manufacturing and quality inspection process, in order to achieve the quality of the vehicle strict control, took the following 6 measures:

Stamping workshop to achieve 100% automatic, fully automatic logistics, production speed of 12 punches / minute, higher than the industry’s similar production line 10%.

Xiaopeng P7 high-strength cage body structure, welding workshop does not allow any one of the welding joint venture errors, body strength, accuracy have reached the mainstream joint venture brand level.

The assembly plant adopts a fully digital system to achieve key tightening torque, liquid filling error-proofing, to ensure that the assembly torque pass rate of 100%, and 100% traceable.

The coating workshop uses the film pre-treatment process, the liquid damping pad process to replace the traditional asphalt base damping plate, at the same time the use of water-based paint process.

Each battery is subject to 198 line inspections and 89 electrical performance checks to ensure quality consistency.

In addition to the regular vehicle inspection process, the entire vehicle is equipped with 31 self-driving sensors, the P7, will also be the industry’s leading self-driving calibration to ensure that hardware and software match each other.

Xiaopeng Automobile founder He Xiaopeng said on different occasions, new energy vehicles are not the next automotive era, smart cars are the watershed in the future. Smart labels are not only imprinted on products, but also reflected in highly intelligent production processes.

Different from the traditional cars, the new forces to build more need to establish the identity of intelligent cars, but also need to stand on top of the intellectual construction, Zhaoqing intelligent factory undoubtedly for the future strategic layout of Xiaopeng automobile has far-reaching significance.

Contract and home-grown dual modes in parallel

The construction ceremony was completed in December 2017 at the Zhaoqing Plant in Xiaopeng from the foundation to the completion of the time line, and the construction of the project will be completed on June 27, 2018, and the production will be completed and commissioned by the end of September 2019.

Can be seen out of Xiaopeng automobile early layout, from design research and development to independent production strategic routes, and Haima Automobile in the process of cooperation, learned a rare experience in automobile production, but have their own production qualifications and self-built factory is one of many new forces of car-making enterprise objectives, which representthe the ideal car acquisition Lifan to obtain production qualifications.

Many people know that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s “quasi-birth certificate” is a large threshold in the process of many new forces car manufacturers, only in the case of a permit to a new car company has the independent production of cars qualification. In March this year, Xiaopeng Automobile through the acquisition of Guangdong Fordy Automobile Co., Ltd., the production qualification problem was resolved.

Before the G3 delivery, Xiaopeng produced nearly 1000 cars in their own internal self-test ingestion to find problems, Zhaoqing has also completed hundreds of Small Peng P7 project trial vehicle production and SOP stage of small batch trial production, through hundreds of P7 test vehicles to find the source of the problem.

At present, p7 production is also in full swing, will be opened at the end of June delivery, production capacity also reached 15-20 units per hour.

In the case of the plant completed and put into operation and obtaina the permit. As for the future of xiaopeng and Haima will continue to cooperate with the issue of concern, Xiaopeng Zhaoqing factory head Jiang Ping also told the outside world: the foundry with Haima to meet the initial delivery needs of Xiaopeng automobile, and smart cars need to stand on top of the ‘smart’ construction, Zhaoqing factory is shouldering this responsibility. The future development of cooperation between Xiaopeng Automobile and Haima Automobile is the balance between the foundry and the self-built factory, and as to whether the future will continue to cooperate with other models, we will take into account factors such as enterprise development and market demand.

The future of intelligent electric vehicles is based on software and manufacturing, but the same as traditional cars is the core of the car is the hardware composition, so the importance of smart factories for new forces such as Xiaopeng car-making enterprises is self-evident.

The new power pattern is at a time

Beginning in 2014, the domestic ushered in the development of new energy vehicles, the new forces of car-building enterprises are also born from this year more than 100 brands. However, a variety of environmental factors, the current car market is obviously no longer suitable for new forces brand to join and develop, especially in the cold winter impact of the car market, but also let many lack of funds and technology of the new forces car companies suffering, more compact subsidy policy retreat and other issues also make them worse.

Regarding the construction of cars, the difficulty is self-evident, market share and model sales are now the standard to measure the new forces to build cars, high sales show that the car companies to obtain market recognition. The most heard thing since 2020 is that the new forces will eventually be able to make a few lives.

Xiaopeng Zhaoqing Factory to obtain a permit P7 will be self-produced

At present, the current new power pattern of car-building, as far as the status quo, Xiaopeng, NIO, ideal, Weima these four car companies have firmly occupied the first echelon, in research and development and technical strength and capital reserves and other issues, far behind other opponents. The four car companies’ top priority now is how to increase production capacity, expand sales, ensure vehicle stability, and compete with traditional car companies.

The wholesale volume of domestic new energy passenger cars in May 2020 was 70,000 units, down 26% from 97,000 units in May 2019 due to force majeure factors. According to sales statistics, the new force car companies gradually become an important force in the new energy vehicle market, in May the new force car sales have accounted for 15% of the pure electric vehicle market share.


The emergence of new forces represents more innovation, because many new forces in the car without obtaining a permit and sufficient funds to build factories, contract production has become the first step to build new energy vehicles, it is also contract production, whether to ensure quality, has been in the industry there is a great deal of controversy.

As a new force in the head car-building enterprises, it is clear that Xiaopeng Automobile Zhaoqing intelligent factory completed and put into operation, in the quality of the problem will certainly have more room for adjustment before, for xiaopeng car brand integrity and autonomy, play a fundamental role, the future more Xiaopeng models will also be born in this industrial 4.0 intelligent factory.