French President Emmanuel Macron calls Jack Dorsey: Welcome Twitter to France

French President Emmanuel Macron last week called its CEO, Jack Dorsey, to reiterate his support for the company after Twitter fell out with U.S. President Donald Trump. He also joked with Dorsey that Twitter would welcome the move of its headquarters from San Francisco to France, according to Mr. Macron’s aides. A Twitter spokesman declined to comment.

French President Emmanuel Macron calls Jack Dorsey: Welcome Twitter to France

Twitter unexpectedly tagged Trump’s tweet about postal ballots late last month. Twitter has remained silent for years, despite all the questionable messages Mr. Trump has been posting.

Shortly thereafter, Twitter also ruled that Trump’s “dare rob, shoot” tweet about the U.S. riots was against the rules.

Twitter’s move has drawn strong criticism from Mr. Trump and American conservatives. But Vera Jourova, vice-president of the European Commission, which oversees values and transparency, praised Twitter for implementing a “transparent and consistent vetting policy”.

Mr. Macaron’s aides say he wants platforms to comply with European and French content regulations, which are usually more stringent than in the US.

The aide added that France welcomes any company that feels threatened at home.

When Macron sits in the 2017 presidential election, he has made attracting foreign companies and investors a major selling point.

At the 2018 Paris Internet Regulatory Forum, Macron also supported stronger Internet regulation and repeatedly pledged to crack down on fake news.

But the French government has also recently faced some resistance, forcing it to cancel a tool to mark the authenticity of news related to the new crown pneumonia. The French government was forced to shut down the website, called Desinfox, because of a breach of press freedom.

According to Macaron’s aides, he and Dorsey communicate once or twice a year. The CEO also visited Macaron’s office last year.