Missing Churchill image in search results Google apologizes and says it has fixed it

June 15 (UPI) — Many users noticed missing accompanying images from former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill’s Google Search Knowledge Map on Sunday, local time,media reported. Google has said the incident was an accident and the problem has been fixed.

Earlier, According to Xinhua, U.S. police brutally law enforcement deaths of African-American men in a number of demonstrations around the world. Statues and monuments of some of Britain’s colonial figures have recently been targeted by demonstrators. Fearing that the statue of former Prime Minister Churchill would be vandalized by demonstrators, the City of London used a bezel to protect it in advance. It is reported that the base of the statue of Churchill was written “racist” on the 7th.

At this time this kind of thing happens, it is inevitable that people have to think.

Missing Churchill image in search results Google apologizes and says it has fixed it

Google said through its Twitter account, Google Search Liaison, that it was “aware of problems with Churchill’s image missing in its knowledge map entry,” including when searching directly and pulling out any other list generated by the engine. Churchill’s photograph, for example, did not appear with the other British prime ministers, but rather showed a gray generic head.

Google’s Knowledge Panel summarizes someone’s key information, mostly from Wikipedia, including key dates, families, quotes, and related queries. Images in the Knowledge Panel are created and updated automatically.

“Google is investigating the underlying problem that caused the image to disappear: “We don’t know exactly when the Churchill images could be restored, but they will be fixed as soon as possible,” Google said. We’ll explore the exact reasons why automatic updates cause it to disappear and see if there’s anything in these systems that needs to be improved. We apologize for any concerns this has raised. This is not purposeful behavior and will be fixed soon. “

At the same time, there is a related question about the timing of Churchill’s first term as prime minister, which is usually displayed in the automatically generated knowledge map list of british prime ministers. Google said it was “exploring” why this was happening, and that was not the problem it encountered when searching for Churchill.

“We are exploring why the first term spent by Churchill, Wilson, MacDonald and Baldwin is not shown, probably because our system shows only the last of non-consecutive terms,” Google said. We will try to resolve this issue in order to avoid any unintended concerns. “

Two hours after confirming the problem, Google finally recovered Churchill’s photo. (Small)