Germany’s health minister says the country’s new crown contact tracking app is ready

Germany’s health minister said Sunday that the country’s new Crown Contact Tracker smartphone app will be launched this week, Reuters reported. The app reportedly uses Bluetooth short-range radios to detect and contact people at risk of coronavirus infection and does not rely on centralized databases. SAP, a German telecoms and software company, is involved.

Germany's health minister says the country's new crown contact tracking app is ready

Contact tracing includes interviewing infected people to find out where they have been and who they may have come into contact with, with the aim of slowing the spread of the virus. While other countries have introduced contact-tracking apps, progress in the United States has been slow, with concerns about privacy and accuracy.

Germany will relax travel restrictions for EU countries and the UK on Monday. Jens Spahn, Germany’s health minister, said the country would advise foreign tourists on travel. “We need the right balance,” Spang said. He added that the virus spread rapidly after recent mass rallies and church services in Germany.

Germany has more than 187,000 new confirmed cases and 8,801 deaths, but has been praised for its extensive testing and social distance measures.