Buffett’s grievance: One of its companies is rumored to be offering bricks to U.S. protesters

Beijing time 15 news, according tomedia reports, “stock god” Buffett and his good friend Bill Gates recently inexplicably was inexplicably involved in the United States anti-racial discrimination demonstrations caused by the public opinion vortex. A small construction supplies company bought by Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has been targeted at protesters for offering bricks, and despite the u.S. police’s “rumours” about the incident, they have failed to stop the conspiracy theory from spreading online.


Buffett's grievance: One of its companies is rumored to be offering bricks to U.S. protesters

The so-called “evidence” has recently appeared on social media: two pictures of bricks piled up on the side of the road with the delivery label bricks from Acme Brick. Posts on social media suggested the company had deliberately placed the bricks on the side of the road so that protesters in the Dallas suburb of Frisco could access them.

Britt Stokes, marketing director at Acme Brick, tracked the delivery label on the photo and showed that the shipment had been delivered to the buyer, a homeowner’s association in Frisco, long ago to repair the fence. Local police also issued a statement confirming this.

But that hasn’t stopped a lot of unverified rumors about Acme Brick from spreading online. More tweets of similar claims are emerging. People posted the tweets on Facebook and from there on YouTube and TikTok. All of them put the small construction company at the center of a conspiracy.

While every major Internet platform, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, has tried to curb the spread of inaccurate information on its own site. But online rumors often bounce from one platform to another, creating a troubling problem that it is almost impossible for targets to stop them, no matter what resources they have.

Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway bought the small, Fort Worth, Texas-based company in 2000. Even more ridiculously, Bill Gates, a close friend of Mr Buffett and a microsoft co-founder, has also been the subject of rumours that he served as a director of Berkshire until he resigned in March. Gates has previously been at the centre of conspiracy theories about america’s new crown outbreak, with some accusing him of spreading the virus and calling for his arrest.

Acme Brick initially did not respond to the rumors, hoping that they would subside automatically over time. In the end, the company posted a message on Facebook and its website refuting the claims, saying, “For those who still doubt us, we say: Look at our records, not just online rumors.” Acme Brick is in the construction business, not the destruction. “