Big moves? KFC announces push for a “game console”

Fast food chain KFC has announced it will launch a console in an effort not to be overtaken by Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X,media reported. Of course, it’s not true, it’s just a joke. On June 12, the day after Sony released the controversial PS5, KFC released a video showing its KF Console on its social media platform.

KFConsole looks like a real game console with power buttons, optical drives and red lights. The video also claims that KFConsole has cross-platform compatibility.

However, one detail revealed that it was just a joke – KFConsole also has a red glowing grill built in, which players can use to bake when they want to make some chicken.

KFC also announced in the video that it will release KFConsole on November 12, meaning the company will bring a follow-up joke at that time.

While the console was just a joke from KFC at the time of sony’s PS5 release, it did take an interest in the game. The KFC Gaming Twitter account has more than 1.236 million followers, while the KFC Gaming Instagram account has 666,000 followers.

In 2019, KFC also launched a game called I Love You Colonel Sanders Dating Simulator Game, which was launched on Steam. Now, it encourages My World players to build and share them in the game.

KFC has never been afraid to use unusual marketing gimmicks to launch its products, so it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s real and what’s a joke when it comes to the food company’s products. Unsurprisingly, gameplay began to speculate on social media whether KF Console would be a real console product and just another time KFC is using the current hot spot to win its own eye.

One curious player tweeted: “Is there an exclusive game?” “

KFC responded by saying , “You know” – with a poster for KFC’s I Love You Simulator Sanders Dating Game.

Another player tweeted about the storage space for the console.

Even Xbox actually asked a question on KFC’s Twitter feed: “Can you let it go?” “

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