Edge will allow users to tweet via Windows 10 taskbar

Microsoft and Google are working together to improve support for progressive Web Apps , according to a new report , and according to a new report , one feature of the new browser is custom actions in the jump list ,media reported .

Edge will allow users to tweet via Windows 10 taskbar

In Windows 10, jump lists allow users to right-click on an app’s taskbar icon and do certain things faster without opening the app’s UI — such as right-clicking on the Chromium-supported Microsoft Edge icon to enable the user to launch a new window or privacy window or to quickly load a top or recommended site from the Jump List/Shortcut menu.

PWA is already a very common thing on desktop clients, especially in Windows 10, which helps solve the problem of under-use in the Microsoft Marketplace.

Now, Microsoft is betting on PWA, which is one of the reasons the company is working to improve its Chromium-supported browsers.

The Windows Club has already discovered a feature running on the Chromium browser that essentially allows custom PWA actions from jump lists. Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, for example, allow tweets to be sent through jump lists, while email PWA allows users to write new messages.

In addition, WhatsApp’s PWA has the same feature, which allows users to use an option in a jump list to find specific contacts and start entering information faster.

It looks like Google Chrome 85 should be the first to add the feature, and as for Microsoft Edge, it’s expected to be added soon, when it hasn’t been announced.