Windows 10 2004 update causes apps like Chrome to lose account login status

As Microsoft pushes for the May 2020 Update of Windows 10 2020, users are gathering more and more reports of problems, such as OneDrive and Google Chrome, which forget the user’s login credentials each time they restart. In addition to manual checks in Windows Update, some users spit their devices in the face of mandatory updates.

Windows 10 2004 update causes apps like Chrome to lose account login status

As a major release update, Microsoft has acknowledged many known issues related to Windows 10 2004, even after 15 months of testing and 5 months of service.

The latest problem is that the May update could break Google Chrome’s authentication and sign-in capabilities, causing the browser to log out of google accounts when it restarts.

One user wrote: “After restarting my computer, I found that Chrome didn’t show that my Google account was logged in, that all website passwords were forgotten, and i even saw an extension (Adobe Acrobat) welcome page.”

Specifically, this problem does not occur if the user chooses to restart the Chrome app only individually. But if Windows and Chrome reboot together, there’s a high probability of a high-level problem.

The issue has now sparked extensive discussion in Google Forum, where there has been a number of reports that Windows 10’s May 2020 update introduced bugs to be responsible.

In addition, users reported that the bug had compromised Chrome’s syncing features, and that cookies could not be saved each time the browser was closed, even deleting data from the Chrome browser extension.

Finally, in other services that require login credentials, the May 2020 update of Windows 10 may also cause problems.

Some profiles, such as the system’s own messaging apps, OneDrive web drives, and battlenet clients, are also affected, and these applications re-enter their passwords after the system restarts.