Intel driver leak: 11 generations of Core, the first discrete graphics card are coming

Intel has released lakefield, the first processor in a 3D Foveros stereo package, including the i5-L16G7, i3-L13G4 models, with an internal integrated one-core, four-core, five-core CPU. Intel also released a driver, version number, which only supports Lakefield, but the driver’s INF file contains a number of core graphics models, including the unreleased Tiger Lake (TGL), Rocket Lake (ElkLake), Elkhart Lake (EHL) and even the first standalone DG1.

Tiger Lake, Rocket Lake are all familiar with, will be classified into the 11th generation Of core family, respectively, for the thin and thin mobile market, desktop market, although a 10nm one 14nm, but are integrated into the Xe GPU architecture, that is, the 12th generation of nuclear display.

In fact, the first discrete graphics DG1 is also the Xe GPU, the same source as them, will also be available in the second half of this year.

Elkhart Lake is part of the ultra-low-power Atom Atom atom family, usually classified into the Pentium, Celeron sequence, the process is said to be 14nm some say 10nm, but it is generally believed that it will be the new Tremont CPU architecture, the GPU part is 11 generations of nuclear display.

Interestingly, their nuclear display models are UHD Graphics, and without a more advanced Iris Plus, the specifications don’t look too high.


INTEL_DEV_9A49 ” Intel (R) UHD Graphics”

INTEL_DEV_9A40 ” Intel (R) UHD Graphics”

INTEL_DEV_9A59 ” Intel (R) UHD Graphics”

INTEL_DEV_9A60 ” Intel (R) UHD Graphics”

INTEL_DEV_9A68 ” Intel (R) UHD Graphics”

INTEL_DEV_9A70 “Intel (R) UHD Graphics”

INTEL_DEV_9A78 ” Intel (R) UHD Graphics”


INTEL_DEV_9840 ” Intel (R) UHD Graphics”

INTEL_DEV_9841 ” Intel (R) UHD Graphics”

INTEL_DEV_9842 ” Intel (R) UHD Graphics”


INTEL_DEV_4541 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics”

INTEL_DEV_4551 ” Intel (R) UHD Graphics”

INTEL_DEV_4571 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics”

; DG1

INTEL_DEV_4905 ” Intel (R) UHD Graphics”

INTEL_DEV_4906 ” Intel (R) UHD Graphics”

INTEL_DEV_4907 ” Intel (R) UHD Graphics”


INTEL_DEV_4C80 ” Intel (R) UHD Graphics”

INTEL_DEV_4C8A ” Intel (R) UHD Graphics”

INTEL_DEV_4C81 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics”

INTEL_DEV_4C8B “Intel (R) UHD Graphics”

Intel driver leak: 11 generations of Core, the first discrete graphics card are coming