Linux Kernel 5.8 RC1 Released

The first RC version of Linux Kernel 5.8 has been released. 5.8-rc1 has more modifications than the highest version of 4.9-rc1, but 5.8 involves changes more comprehensivethan 4.9, such as a number of underlying kernel modifications and code cleanup, changes to the file system, general drive updates, and document architecture changes.

Linux Kernel 5.8 RC1 Released

Linus added in the announcement: “In the 5.8 merge window, approximately 20% of the kernel source code repository files were modified. This is a considerable percentage, although some of it is scripted. “In terms of numbers, 5.8-rc1 contains more than 14,000 unconsolidated commits (more than 15,000 when combined), approximately 800,000 new lines of code, and more than 14,000 files modified.”

Linux Kernel 5.8 will improve support for many processors and support a host of new hardware, enhance security, and continuous improvements in open source Intel/Radeon graphics drives, with a stable release expected in mid-August.

Some important updates:

Improvements to AMD Radeon graphics drivers

Optimising SELinux

Update power management features

Support for switching Fn and Ctrl keys on Apple keyboards

Support for Intel Tiger Lake Thunderbolt

Support for Habana Labs Gaudi Accelerator

Some improvements for Btrfs

Code cleansing and bug fixes for EXT4 and exFAT file systems

Initial support for booting power10 processors

Although the 5.8 changes are relatively large, it’s good that Linus recently upgraded its productivity tools, which it believes can help speed up the build of this “big” kernel : )