Apple: Consumers and advertisers spent $519 billion on the App Store last year

Beijing, June 16 (Xinhua) — Apple Inc( apple co-location spent $519 billion on the App Store in 2019, according to a new study commissioned by the company. The study, conducted by the Analysis Group, covers both Apple’s own transactions, such as paid apps and in-app purchases, as well as purchases and other economic activities that apple is not directly involved in through iPhone and iPad apps, such as selling ads in apps.

Apple: Consumers and advertisers spent $519 billion on the App Store last year

This includes sales from online apps from retailers such as Target and Best Buy, travel services booked through apps such as Expedia and United, and call-to-call services through Lyft and Uber, but not subscription revenue from Apple-owned apps such as Apple Music.

Apple is due to hold a worldwide developer conference (WWDC) next week, when it is expected to release a new version of the operating system and persuade software developers to continue to support Apple’s platform. And the study, released Monday, shows that developing iPhone and iPad apps is rewarding.

Apple: Consumers and advertisers spent $519 billion on the App Store last year

According to the study, the $519 billion generated through iPhone and iPad apps in 2019 includes:

– $413 billion comes from physical goods and services, of which $268 billion comes from retail applications, $57 billion from travel applications, $40 billion from trucking applications and $31 billion from takeaway applications;

– $61 billion from digital products and services;

– $41 billion comes from in-app advertising.

Apple draws 15 to 30 percent from software or digital purchases of apps distributed through the App Store and regularly announces how much it pays developers, allowing analysts to roughly estimate The App Store’s revenue. But Apple has previously said that 84 per cent of apps in the App Store do not share revenue with Apple. For example, users can subscribe to a browser and pay for streaming video services such as Hulu and watch them on the iPhone app. In addition, some games offer free downloads to make money from in-app ads.

“At this challenging and unsettling time, the App Store offers a lasting opportunity to start business, health and well-being, educate and create jobs, helping people adapt quickly to a changing world,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a statement. “