Fauci explains why U.S. health officials didn’t initially recommend people wear masks

Anthony Fauci, a top U.S. infectious disease expert, explained in a recent interview why U.S. health officials initially didn’t recommend people wear ingenuated masks,media BGR reported. Mr Fauci said this was because officials initially did not want the public to buy all the masks needed by front-line medical staff.

Fauci explains why U.S. health officials didn't initially recommend people wear masks

On February 29, Jerome Adams, the head of the U.S. Department of Health, sent the following tweet on his official Twitter account. “Stop buying masks!” They don’t effectively prevent the general population from contracting the new coronavirus, but if health care providers can’t use them to care for patients, they and our communities are at risk! “

Fauci explains why U.S. health officials didn't initially recommend people wear masks

In fact, a study commissioned by the World Health Organization found that any form of mask can effectively reduce the spread of the new coronavirus. This raises the question. Why did health officials like Adams say the opposite at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic? Do they realize that the information they tell people is wrong?

Dr. Fauci said in a recent interview that the initial advice was to get personal protective equipment (PPE) for first-line health care workers as much as possible. “The public health community, a lot of people are saying this, and (yes) is concerned that personal protective equipment, including N-95 masks and surgical masks, is very scarce at the time,” Mr Fauci said. The initial advice on masks was that officials did not want the medical staff “without the equipment they needed.”

“Now that we have masks, we know that if you’re a normal person on the street, you don’t need N95. We also know that many people simply use cloth to mask their faces, which in many cases can be as useful as masks. “

But Fauci also stressed that keeping a social distance remains “the best way to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.” But masks also definitely help.