Google Chrome v83.0.4103.106 Official Release

Google Chrome official version of google Chrome ushered in the release of v83 third maintenance version, the detailed version number v83.0.4103.106, the previous official version v83.0.4103.97 was released on June 4, 12 days after Google released a new version of the Chrome browser, this upgrade is mainly updated security fixes and stability improvements and user experience.

Google Chrome v83.0.4103.106 Official Release

New version changes

Chrome v83.0.4103.106 Stable Official (2020.6.16)

Google Chrome v83 official version of the main update, skip Chrome v82 directly push edited Chrome v83. Supports tab grouping, and you can organize different groups and assign them different colors at any time with the right mouse button when multiple tabs are open. Trusted types help prevent cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, new form elements, and new cross-domain policies.

Google Chrome v81 is a major update that improves support for WebXR and initial support for Web NFC standards. Label grouping eliminates the hassle of multi-open browsers to classify browsing, right-click tags to add groups, and tick the color to distinguish. New Web NFC recognition in Origin Trial’s fresh program can be used in museum exhibitions, inventory management and more. Google has added two immersive features to the WebXR API, allowing for the placement of virtual objects in the camera view. After scripts, videos and other web content, the picture will be transmitted by default to HTTPS protocol, if the rewrite of HTTPS is not successful, the default does not load.

Google Chrome v80 official version of the main updates, enhance the security of web landing, adjust the third-party cookie strategy. The introduction of a stricter security classification of SameSite cookies allows third-party calls to cookies only if HTTPS and SameSite is set to None. In fact, as early as Chrome 51, SaMSIte cookies were introduced for the first time, and are designed to block fake cross-site cookie requests.

Download the address

Offline installation package extraction native green version method:

Right mouse to unzip the offline installation package, which will unzip a chrome.7z

Then the chrome.7z decompression is the native green version!

The offline package does not include online automatic update upgrades, so no update scheduled tasks are added, and there is no background update process, which is cleaner.

Google Chrome v83.0.4103.106 Official Offline Installation Pack 64-bit

Google Chrome v83.0.4103.106 Official Offline Installation Pack 32-bit

Google Chrome v83.0.4103.106 Mac

Google Chrome v83.0.4103.106 Official with Online Update Plus