Tesla Model S becomes first production EV with over 400 miles

The Tesla Model S has officially increased the range of electric cars to 400 miles,media reported. Tesla confirmed Monday: “As of today, the official EPA standard range for all Model S Long Range Range vehicles in North America is 402 miles. “The better news for consumers is that this increase in range will not be accompanied by a rise in prices.

Tesla Model S becomes first production EV with over 400 miles

According to the Model S configuration page, the Long Range Plus version costs $74,990, not including existing benefits.

The Model S Long Range Plus, which had only 390 miles in range in February, is now able to run an extra 12 miles thanks to weight loss, aerodynamic improvements and better drive unit efficiency. At the same time, the Performance edition of Model S maintained an impressive 348 miles.

Tesla said in a statement that the weight reduction was achieved through standardization of seat manufacturing in Tesla and lighter materials used in its battery packs and drive units. The Model S Long Range Plus weighs 4,883 pounds and is 58 pounds lighter than Performance.

Tesla’s redesigned Tempest wheels also played a role in the improvement. Tesla says it can increase its range by 2 percent with new low-rolling resistance tires.

Other than the increased range, the Model S Long Range Plus’s other specifications have not changed. Tesla says the electric car still has a 100-kilometer acceleration time of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph. Tesla also said the Model S now has a regenerative braking mode, The Hold, which allows the vehicle to stop completely while the driver relaxes the throttle.

As always, Tesla said it would continue to improve the Model S with wireless updates.