Photos show Mars showing amazing human bones? NASA:’s the story: Just a piece of rubble

In recent years, scientists have stepped up their exploration of Mars, and some say humans may be able to migrate to Mars. As a result, there is more and more talk about Mars. On June 16,media reported that a recent photograph of Mars had appeared online, with some people saying a human bone had been found in the photo. Reported that the internet in a crazy picture of Mars, and conspiracy theorists claim that there was life on Mars, because they found a human bone in the photo.

Photos show Mars showing amazing human bones? NASA:'s the story: Just a piece of rubble

However, the conspiracy theory was quickly debunked by NASA. NASA says the image is indeed a picture of the surface of Mars, taken in 2014 by the Curiosity Mars rover.

Photographs show several stones strewn across the dust on the surface of Mars, one of which looks very much like a human thigh bone.

A NASA spokesman explained: “The image was taken by the Curiosity Mars rover, and while the Martian rock may look a bit like a femur, the team believes the shape may have been caused by wind or water erosion.” If there had been life on Mars, scientists predicted it would also be in a microbial-like form of life, since there was not enough oxygen in the Martian environment to support the emergence of complex organisms, and therefore large fossils would not have occurred. “