Green meteors in Australia’s night sky finally explode in the air: live video

In life, we often see meteors streaking through the night sky, and more often, meteors are white light that sends out bright rumors. However, meteors are actually green. According to domestic media reports, on the evening of June 15, local time, a meteor with a green light, across the western Australian port of Preston Cape, the meteor swept past, but also emit seamounts of green light, lighting up the entire night sky, beautiful picture.

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Green meteors in Australia's night sky finally explode in the air: live video

At the same time, the moment the green meteor crossed the night sky, but also by the netizens with mobile phone filmed down, and then it uploaded the video to the Internet, causing many netizens’ attention.

In addition,media reported that the meteor finally exploded in the air, but no casualties.

According to astronomers, the color of meteors is reflected by the chemical composition of meteoroids and reaction temperature, the chemical composition is different, the color will be all different.

Normally, nitrogen and oxygen components are generally red, iron is mainly yellow, calcium is mainly purple, sodium is mainly orange, magnesium is blue-green, silicon is red.

In fact, there have been green meteors before. Green meteors have appeared as early as the Perseid meteor shower in August 2017. The meteor is also in the meteoroid composition of the matter, and its speed of operation under the joint action, only the phenomenon of green light appeared.