Tesla or buy cobalt mines from Glencore for Shanghai, Berlin superplants

ON JUNE 16TH THE FINANCIAL TIMES, CITING PEOPLE FAMILIAR WITH THE MATTER, SAID TESLA WOULD BUY COBALT FROM MINING COMPANY GLENCORE FOR USE AT ITS SHANGHAI SUPER PLANT AND PLANT UNDER CONSTRUCTION IN BERLIN. After the news fermentation, the midday cobalt plate turnover surged, cold cobalt industry, Huayou cobalt industry rose and stopped, Luoyang Yuye, Shengtun Mining rose more than 6%.

Tesla or buy cobalt mines from Glencore for Shanghai, Berlin superplants

Cobalt is an important raw material for the positive material of the three-yuan lithium battery, which is also highbency due to the scarcity of reserves.

To reduce costs, triple batteries have also been moving towards “high nickel and cobalt” or even cobalt-free direction. However, cobalt, as an important element to stabilize the structure of positive materials and chemical properties, low cobalt battery routes are often accompanied by higher safety hazards.

Take LG Chemical as an example, its most advanced, mass-produced NCM811 cylindrical battery monomer density of 257Wh/kg, ranking first in the world. According to Caitong Securities research, the gross margin of NCM811 positive materials alone is about 5% higher than NCM523.

Musk has long reduced his tight control over battery costs, hoping to fully autonomousize the production and supply of batteries by acquiring Maxwell and Hibra, as well as its own research and development capabilities.

However, the “Tesla Battery Day”, which had been planned for late April, had been postponed as a result of the outbreak. Domestic researchers believe that Tesla Battery Day will launch Musk’s long-held “cobalt-free battery”, a solution that uses improved material structure sandinanding to achieve low levels of cobalt in the battery.

The acquired Maxwell has previously been a source of “supercapacitors” and capacitive battery packs, presumably on a path to battery autonomy that will lead Tesla to refine its energy storage.

Tesla has five electric cars on the market since it was created in 2004. Has adopted Panasonic, LG Chemical, Ningde era as its main power battery supplier.

Among them, Panasonic NCA 21700 (silicon carbon) battery costs are at a high level for a long time, in addition to landing in Shanghai after a series of agreements and other reasons, the domestic Tesla has tried to use the NCM811 battery produced by the Nanjing LG Chemical Plant on the 445 km battery life Model 3 model. Although the course of battery life is comparable to the NCA version, but due to the battery itself discharge capacity and cycle life, the NCM811 did not become Tesla’s first choice for localization.

On June 11th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s seventh batch of new energy vehicles showed that Tesla’s new Model 3 will be launched with a Nindy-era lithium-ion phosphate battery pack, although the overall weight of the model 3, which is not listed, has increased its range by 23 kilometers on the previous generation.

Tesla has not publicly commented on the Glencore cobalt mine.