First case of e-cigarette-related disease in the Philippines: authorities call for increased controls

The first case of e-cigarette-related disease occurred in the Philippines on November 15, according to Singapore’s Union Morning Post. Philippine health authorities are concerned and hope the courts will not prevent them from enforcing e-cigarette controls. A 16-year-old girl in the central part of the country has been hospitalized for severe symptoms of shortness of breath after smoking e-cigarettes for the past six months, the Philippine Health Service reported.

First case of e-cigarette-related in the Philippines, authorities call for increased controls

The hospital later confirmed that her symptoms were consistent with lung damage caused by e-cigarette snorting. The girl has been treated and has been discharged from hospital.

“All e-cigarette users should seek immediate medical attention and ask doctors about ways to quit e-cigarettes,” Philippine Deputy Health Minister Domingo said in a statement. ”

Reported that the Philippine Health Department in October ordered hospitals to record e-cigarette-related cases, and developed a number of regulations. However, the Health Bureau was prosecuted for this. At present, the case is still on trial, and the Government is therefore unable to implement the regulations.

Domingo hopes the court will deal with the case as soon as possible. He said international evidence has shown that e-cigarettes pose a public health threat if delayed.

E-cigarettes are known to be becoming more popular in some countries, but they also cause many diseases or deaths. The production, import and sale of e-cigarettes has been banned in many parts of the world.

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