You’ve seen 3D printing subscriptions? hp’ s new service

3D printing has always been a very convenient means of producing custom components, playing a very important role in building materials, aerospace and other key industries, can significantly reduce manufacturing costs, but even so, when investing in industrial 3D printing equipment, enterprises often worry about the deployment costs of these industrial 3D printing systems. To this end, HP learned from the experience of subscription system from the next door next door, and proposed “3DaaS”, or 3D printing as a service tool.

Video subscription game subscriptions see more You've seen 3D print subscriptions?

HP’s 3DaaS is based primarily on its own industrial 3D printing hardware, with subscriptions based on the Jet Fusion 5200, Jet Fusion 4200, and Jet Fusion 500 series 3D printing solutions, followed by additional auto-replenishsupplied supplies, Simplify fee queries and usage, as well as remote and on-site support. The more advanced version is aimed at the higher-end Jet Fusion 340, with a higher integration and a commitment to provide faster in-house prototyping and finished parts production to speed iterations.

The Jet Fusion 5200 is HP’s main plastic 3D printing solution this year, improving operational efficiency and productivity for component manufacturers in the industry, especially in automotive and industrial engineering. At the same time, the partner’s newly invented TPU material is used to make flexible and elastic components that perform well, and can be turned back on the material selection of HP’s 3D printing service.

Video subscription game subscriptions see more You've seen 3D print subscriptions?

Most notable is volkswagen’s use of HP’s Metal Jet to produce more than 10,000 parts for cars in weeks using metal 3D printing technology, all of which are key elements of ID.3 electric cars.

Now HP hopes to use this 3D print subscription model as an example of a digital manufacturing network that allows customers around the world to join this distributed network of plastic and metal parts providers to quickly scale up parts production whenever and wherever they need it.

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