Zen4 This year Q3 Quarter Streaming AMD next year into the 5nm CPU

AMD tonight released the New Ryzen 3000XT series, a 7nm Zen2, which officially opens on July 7, just the first anniversary of the 7nm launch. If not postponed, this year there will be a 7nm plus process Zen3 processor, the Ryzen 4000 desktop version.

Once the Zen3 architecture processor is available, AMD’s AM4 slot is on its way to a historic mission, and an updated Zen4 processor will take over in the future, which is certain to be 5nm, although AMD has not yet specified when the Zen4 processor will be released.

Zen4 This year Q3 Quarter Streaming AMD next year into the 5nm CPU

AMD’s 5nm Zen4 processor may be faster than expected, according to a recently circulated account, and this year’s Q2 started streaming ,tape out, an important step in chip development and manufacturing, which shows that the design is almost finished and is to be tested and validated.

After streaming, the processor will have a few months or even a year, and then ready to start mass production, go on sale, so this year streaming, but it’s impossible to see the Zen4 processor on the market.

According to the plan, AMD will receive a portion of TSMC’s 5nm capacity in 2021, with an initial capacity of between 3,000 and 5,000 wafers per month, with AMD allocating little capacity compared to Apple’s capacity of 50,000 plus per month.

But with Huawei likely to be banned by the U.S., if TSMC can’t get U.S. approval after September, the 5nm capacity will be redistributed, and AMD’s capacity will increase significantly.

In that case, AMD will start rolling out the 5nm Zen4 processor as soon as 2021, but the desktop version of the Ryzen 5000 may not be available until 2022 to guarantee the EPYC Dragon processor.